Seadensun was struggling to breed GR CH GRITLER to MOLLY BEE, 1XW, 1XL (GIS), so he asked me to come and help, I arrived and we tried but GRITLER was not interested and MOLLY was nearly over . In my attempts GRITLER nearly took of my face as he got really frustrated and aggressive but we succeeded after all! We were not expecting a big litter for MOLLY was old and we only got one stuck. There were six pups in total. Klein Molly died very young with a full belly of pups by Jasper a son of Lucane that was imported by Brainy Smurf . Then there was Jade – a 1XW, 1XGL – she lost to GR CH Gypsy. She Produced two R.O.M. dogs and two two time winners and still has a big role in producing excellent stock. There was also Pyper, a very big female that Megabite took over and used for breeding. The famous CH Count down a seven time winner that lost one game to CH EX, was also part of the litter. Let’s not forget the dead game two time winner Gator , one of the gamest dogs I’ve ever seen till this day. And last but not least Talouse , the gentle giant. was also part of the litter . Let ‘s not for get the dea d game two -ti me winner Gator , one of the gamest dogs I’ve ever seen till this day. And last but not least Talouse , the gentle giant …

They were born in the very early hours. Talouse was the first born and my pick of the litter. I wanted to crop his ears, Seadensun told me “If you crop his ears you take him, you can’t change your mind”, I said “Sure”, but then the unthinkable happened: the very last pup that came out – later known as
was the one I wanted. I fell in love and begged for him but Seadensun did not budge. Talouse was a very soft nature’d dog, good with other dogs, loved puppies. While he was standing at Savutis they went on a hunting trip and when they came back they’ve found Talouse sitting in front of the back door waiting for them, with 25 pitbulls chained on the yard! He didn’t cared about any of them, clearly showing his intelligence again. At the same time my baby was born and it turned out that Talouse is very good with kids also. I really believe he could have become a double grand champion if given the chance. Talouse was 16 months old when we first tried to roll him against his sire Gritler. Well, he wanted nothing of it! He just screamed and showedno interest. so I left him alone for 3 months and then tried again. He was a complete different dog now!

He showed high ability, great strength and intelligence. A true Yellow dog. For that 3 months we would climb steep cliffs and reach water falls where I’d dive down into the water leaving him high up, acting like I was drowning then he would also jump in to come and save me! I loved my boy. We rolled Talouse one more time and we decided to take him out. A call came from K-Klub who had a one time winner monster at 57.3lbs. He ended his opponents career in a veryshort time. Everybody was running from Dempsey. They asked if we were up for it? We sure did! We agreed and the date was set! On arrival Dempsey saw the pit from the back of the trailer and started shaking the trailer as if they had a mad bull inside. We all stood there still and looked worried.

Sunnyboy’s TALOUSE K-Club’s DEMPSEY 1XW&1XGL M58.5

The match was agreed between handlers to start at 19:00 but K-Club arrived late and the match only started at 20:00. Dogs were weighed. Talouse coming in at 56.2lbs. and Dempsey at 59.9lbs. Seadensun took the forfei and the match was on. Both dogs started fast with Dempsey driving hard and Talouse on defense. The match stayed the same for the first 20 minutes with Talouse defending and Dempsey dishing out the pressure. 20 minutes into the match a bleeder was hit on Dempsey’s shoulder and the match started to turn in Talouse’s favour. At 26 minutes a turn was called on Dempsey but the referee did not agree. At 30 minutes another turn was called on Dempsey and referee acknowledged. At 35 minutes Dempsey is running very hot and Talouse is dominating and seem to have taken out Dempsey’s left front shoulder. At 40 minutes Talouse is working a down Dempsey very hard and K-Club can see that Dempsey won’t get back into the match. At 43 minutes the ref calls onto K-Club to pick up their dog. K-Club agreed and asked Seadensun for a courtesy scratch which Seadensun agreed to, making Talouse a one time winner in 43 minutes. Dempsey made a stumbling courtesy scratch with great effort while Talouse was screaming from his corner to still get a piece of Dempsey. Talouse went like a bullet on his courtesy scratch. Talouse was conditioned and handled by Seadensun. Dempsey was conditioned and handled by K-KLUB.

Seadensun’s TALOUSE Demon Kennels’ BRUNO MCW

The match was agreed between handlers to start at 20:00 and so it did. Dogs were washed and the ref called for dogs to be released. Dogs met in the middle. 15 minutes into the match turn was called on Bruno who was struggling to breathe. Talouse did not seem to be interested in fighting at all, riding Bruno’s ear, looking for no other means to fight. 20 minutes into the match the first
handle took place. Bruno to scratch and so he did. At 30 minutes into the match, Bruno took control and another handle took place. Seadensun struggled to keep Talouse in his corner. Talouse scratched. At around 40 Bruno got hold of Talouse’s jaw. Talouse still not interested in fighting and starts screaming. Seadensun is a bit concerned. At 45 minutes, another handle took place. Bruno to scratch. When the ref called Bruno to scratch Seadensun released Talouse that came flying out of his corner. Bruno was now totally in control of the match. At 52 Talouse
started licking Bruno, who got hold of Talouse’s penis. Talouse started screaming. This is probably what Talouse needed to take some action. After three more scratches at 1:04 Demon Kennels conceded the match. Sunnyboy and Seadensun were shocked by this! Bruno was doing well at this stage, but his owner probably knew better. Talouse is now a two time winner, conditioned and handled by Seadensun. Bruno was conditioned by Demon Kennels and handled by “Big Man”.

After the news spread about Talouse we struggled to get some action. Nobody wanted to go into Talouse after his 2nd, so we sent him to Megabite. Talouse stayed there with his brother – Countdown – who was already hard at work for his championship match – which was set up shortly after his 2nd. Well, Talouse was not hooked up yet. Three weeks before Countdown’s match, Megabite finally found an opponent for Talouse at …but only to go on the same night as Countdown at 54lbs…3.3lbs under Talouse’s lowest weight. The match was set to go. Before going into details let’s just to have a quick look at what disadvantage Talouse is going in at…
• He travelled from one county to another (1056 miles)
• His lowest weight is 56.2lbs and he is going at 54lbs
• On match night the competition weighed in at 56.2lbs,
being 2.2lbs over the agreed weight. But, guess what?

Sunnyboys’s TALOUSE Sandman’s MAX M54

Dog’s were weighed. Max is 2.2Lbs over the weight. Megabite took the forfeit and agreed to go on with the show. The dog’s were washed and taken in their corners. The ref called for handlers to release their dogs. Talouse took control from the word “go”, riding Max’s ear and working the front shoulders. At 34 minutes Max got hold of Talouse’s leg and he started to scream, again just what Talouse needed. Within the next 10 minutes Talouse destroyed his opponent’s front shoulders. Max took too much damage. It cost him his life later on that night. Sandman conceded at 55 minutes. Max did not make a courtesy . Talouse however tested his handlers strenght for he was screaming and fighting to get some more of Max. You would swear he only just started. Sadly – but gladly – Talouse won his championship title in 55 minutes only to lose a very worthy opponent. R.I.P. Max Coundown also became champion a day after! Talouse’s next match was set up the same night, this time against Max’s big brother Deacon.

Sunnyboy’s CHAMPION TALOUSE Sandman’s DEACON M58.5

Champion Talouse weighed in at 58.5lbs and Deacon at 59.5lbs. Talouse is going uphill again. Megabite took the forfeit…again. Dogs were washed and taken to their corners. Dogs met in middle. When Talouse got handled Megabite struggled to hold him in his corner. He screamed to get more of his opponent. The first handle was at 25 minunes. After three scratches each Deacon stood the line and was counted out at 1:04. It was a relatively long match but a well deserved win. Talouse is now a four time winner. Talouse’s next match was on home ground at 25.5 Kg into Mad Max and his Cocaine dog…

Sunnyboy’s CH TALOUSE Mad Max’s COCAINE M57.3

Talouse at 56.8lbs and Cocaine at 54lbs. Cocaine was a late replacement for Rascal who died 3 before the show. Mad Max had little time to get to know Cocaine and do some work. Dogs were washed and the ref called handlers to release. Both dogs came out strong. Talouse took hold of Cocaine’s ear. Cocaine broke trough Talouse’s defense and punished his stifle, what more to say but “Déjà vu”! Talouse did it again! Not intrested to fight at all. Only controlling, not fighting. Cocaine on the other hand gave it all, even lost a canine in the process. Great dog, fought game to the end, outclassing all those who went against Talouse, exept Bruno. Cocaine had no conditioning, was rolled four week prior for 1:30 and with a new owner still did better against Talouse than those that were conditiond and over the agreed weight! I must say, “Go Cocain!”, what a great dog. Finally Mad Max decided to pick up Cocaine, who finished off with a game courtesy scratch!


It was soaking wet because of the rain. Bullet took hold of Talouse’s chest and work it hard. Talouse screamed and tried his best to counter the attack, without luck. Bullet took control and stayed in control for the next 30 minutes when a turn was called on Bullet. At the 45 minute mark the first handle took place. The fight went on. After two scratches each, Talouse fetched Bullet in his own corner. At 1:00 Bullet is down and out, Talouse is completely in control, working hard on Bullet’s chest and shoulders for the next 40 minutes. Bullet starts to scream, trying to jump the pit, but Talouse holds on. Bullet to scratch but decides to stay in his corner and look for place to jump the wall. Talouse is a six time winner now 1 hour and 50 minutes! In Talouse’s whole career he was only bitten three times! He was a high ability dog who could outclass any opponent by sitting on the side of the face, just giving enough to frustrate and tire his opponent and as soon as they go down he finches them. Talouse is the product of a long line of great producers and grand champions. His sire is Grand Champion GRITLER R.O.M. and his grand sire is Grand Champion Sir Thomas, a seven time winner who’s grand sire is Grand Champion Yellow R.O.M. Some say Grand Champion Anderson the Spider Silva came
close, but I have never seen something like him! It’s a shame that he died of a bad case of Parvo infection after his last!