After being away from the dogs for many years, and subsequently talking to a few dog men, I real­ized that there are a lot of guys that are not too familiar with a number of the older Red Boy dogs from the 1980’s. Well back in the early 1980’s I owned a triple inbred daughter of George’s “Triple Ott Red” the litter brother to Ch. Yellow John ROM. She was the littermate to George’s Triple Ott Red Jr. Her name was “Red Feather”.

She was a chocolate colored red nose gyp and was an above average nose/ head dog. Although she was extreme­ly inbred, she possessed a very good mouth. She loved the nose and face and cut well. She was tested by rolling her with an 8-lb bigger gyp for 5-minutes; followed by a sister to Up­town’s Ch. Chaka named “Sing-Sing” for an­other 20-minutes. Sing-Sing was also a head dog and it was a sight to see, although Sing-Sing was pulling further ahead the longer it went, it gave Red Feather a chance to show both what she could do against a high cali­ber bad-ass gyp and prove her gameness. She was inbred Red Boy blood with above aver­age mouth! What was amazing was the fact that such an inbred dog could be such an ex‑cellent box dog. I never did get a pup of Red Feather; I believe she may have been sterile from all the inbreeding.

As I said, the Triple Ott Red bred dogs were highly impressive. They were mostly bred down from a combination of the good old Red Boy and Teal’s Jef dogs such as, Tri­ple Ott Red, his brother Ch. Yellow John, Ch. Tiger (a grandson of Triple Ott Red), Ch. Hog Dog (a triple inbred daughter of Red Boy) and Houston’s Gr. Ch. Bo Bo. Throughout the years, I crossed my Triple Ott Red dogs with the tightest dogs down from the champions As­sassins I and II dogs, who were grandchildren of Ch. Yellow John.The Assassin dogs were also half Cotton’s Bullet breeding. Many of the old timers considered the Red Boy-Cotton’s Bullet crosses better than the Red Boy-Jocko cross. My later dogs also gained a little more fresh blood through outcrosses with the Ch. “Boze” (littermate to Gr. Ch. Miss Rage) to FJ’s Ch. “Hog Dog” breeding. It was told to me by Scratch-Me Kennels that the Ch. “Hog Dog” was a badass gut dog. She had the unusual distinction of being born with a bobtail. He said that he saw the Hog Dog’s original owner took her down to FJ’s office one afternoon, they cleared out a room, put her down, and after “Hog Dog” dispatched her adversary in a matter of minutes, FJ purchased her on the spot. FJ told me that the Hog Dog was a real bad ass.

Although the Triple Ott Red dogs were heavily inbred Red Boy, the line somehow managed to retain mouth and ability to a fair degree. As far as production, “Triple Ott Red” produced McClain’s Ch. “Red Lucifer” and 3x “Cujo” (who beat the Cottingham’s “Flame” gyp, a daughter of Ch. Paladin out of Black Betty. Flame was the dam of Cottingham’s Ch. Cotton (a son of Ch. Chinaman), 3x “Apache”, Derby George’s “Musket/Mullet” 2xw-1xgl, Brown Boy’s “Hussy” who won in 3:04 back in1981 and Taber’s “Hoss Fly”, another winner in over 3-hrs (As I’m going from memory, I may have Hoss Fly and Musket/Mullet mixed up), plus a number of other good dogs. Ch. Lucifer defeated a great highly regarded son of Ch. Paladin out of a pure Red Boy gyp, named Locklear’s “Ch. Elvis” in about 1:40. Ch. Red Lu­cifer was said, by many who saw him go to be a nose/face-dog extraordinaire, and an ace by a few. His half sister, my Red Feather gyp was an excellent nose dog, and I once saw a 42lb. daughter of Chavis’ “Yellow John II” go into and beat a 2xw killer, used by B.B., in just over 30 minutes using only nose and face holds.

A Mr. Cummings originally acquired Triple Ott Red from R.E. Bass in either a deal or a straight out purchase. Mr. Cummings rolled Triple Ott Red at 10 months of age and a spectator, Scratch-Me, saw that Triple Ott Red showed to be a very game dog at such a young age and became very interested in him. Triple Ott was later rolled against a dog named Solitaire and shook Solitaire so hard that he left one of his cutters, roots and all, in Solitaires stifle. Triple Ott Red was later rolled against a dog named Eli and lost a second cutter. Scratch Me then made Mr. Cummings an offer to purchase Triple Ott, however he was not for sale at the time. Some time later, Mr. Cummings was in need of some cash and Scratch Me was able to obtain the Triple Ott Red dog for a whopping sum of $30! Trple­Ott Red, who was a long lanky nose dog, was able to effectively fight the nose and curred out quite a number of dogs in rolls, due to his style. According to Scratch-Me, Triple Ott Red once curred out three sons of the old Lopo­say’s Buster ROM dog in one day!

As far as today, not too many people may have a clue, but if you read and study pedi­grees, you will see that the Triple Ott Red dogs make up half of the Robinson “Apache” dog’s breeding and also play a significant part in a few of the champions and winners bred of of Carolina Kennel’s Ch. “Termite”. Although the line is not as popular as the Deacon, Hunter Red or Bingo Red Boy lines, the “Triple Ott Red” dogs are no slouches. Some other dogs that were bred down from Triple Ott Red blood were H. Brother’s “Ch. Speed” and Rushin’s “Ch. Triple Ott Rock”. The Latin Boys once ad­vertised a dog at stud in the old magazines named Rodney Jr. sired by Gr. Ch. Rodney out of a daughter of Triple Ott Red. I got the chance to ask one of the Havana boys about this dog, however he said that if he remem­bered correctly, the dog was cold. I suspect that most of the guys who owned these dogs weren’t peddling or advertising the blood (or may just not been successful at it) and so the line never became as popular or widespread as some of the other Red Boy lines.

A similar case in point is the Gr. Ch. JR Red Boy/Jocko blood. I had a hell of a time convincing JR’s owner to stud him to a bitch owned by my former partner. The only way he agreed to it was because the gyp, Miller’s “Midnight Lady”, had caught his eye and he had made a previous unsuccessful offer to purchase her from B. Miller, but due to the unexpected timing of certain events, I notified my former partner and he managed to acquire her, after which we were able to persuade JR’s owner to agree to a stud service. Midnight Lady was an inbred daughter of Ch. Paladin and the sister to Parker’s Ch. Quincy. She was out of Parker’s Jane, who was a daughter of Ch. Paladin bred to a daughter of Gr. Ch. Wee-hunt. She was bred to the “T”. Its like Joni Mitchell sang, “don’t it always seems to go, that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone”. Well anyway, Gr. Ch. JR’s owner wasn’t in the practice of reporting his shows, and you would only see his name in the magazines when he lost and the other side wanted to let the world know “who they had beaten”, yet during his career, the man conditioned and went into J.C. Shaw 5 times and beat him 4 times. One of those times using the Ch. Termite dog in a win over Tugboat, the dog who beat C. Ham’s Ch. Cotton. Before losing to Tugboat, Ch. Cotton fought a 3:43 draw against Blue Grass Kennel’s Ch. Wrangler, a line bred Ch. Yellow John bred dog. Everyone who saw that show said that Ter­mite came into



that show in the best shape of his life and looked like a million bucks. My assessment of JR’s owner was that he was a true sportsman, a top-notch conditioner and he competed for the pride, not the fame, stud fees or puppy sales, which is both rare these days and was just as rare back then! However, as a consequence of the desire for anonymity, Gr. Ch. JR never got the fame, publicity or opportunity to breed a fraction of the gyps that his littermate brother Gr. Ch. Yellow did and Ch. Yellow John never got his ROM points for JR’s grand championship, but ask those who know and they will tell you, JR won 5 and of those 5, none ever got a chance to be shown again, comprende? So like JR and Yellow, Tri­ple Ott Red didn’t get the breeding opportunities that Yellow John did and Yellow John was not even bred all that much before he was put down for being aggressive towards his owner’s son, but yet Triple Ott Red still managed to contribute and leave his mark on the sport. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, Ch. Red Lucifer was being held and conditioned on the same yard where his sire lived and as a result of an unfortunate yard accident involving the two, Triple Ott Red’s story came to an end. If you look into some of the old magazines you may also see Triple Ott Red referred to as “000 Red” or “The blind dog” in show reports or advertisements. His brother Ch. Yellow John was a tremendous match dog and also a fantastic producer. Although Ch. Yellow John’s most famous offspring without a doubt was the 6xw Tant’s Gr. Ch. Yellow, his other son, Gr. Ch. JR was a straight out killer that many never knew of or have forgotten about. His owner said it best, my ex-partner once commented as to how large JR’s cutters were, and his owner’s reply was, not only are they big, but he also knows how to use them. Well, that’s how the story goes, I hope this story gives you a little more knowledge of a dog named Triple Ott Red, the litter brother to Ch. Yellow John, ROM and possibly a few of the other dogs you occasionally see in the back of some of the present day Red Boy and Red Boy-Jocko dogs.