Emo’s CH SHAKIL. It was a beautiful autumn day in northern Bulgaria when I was headed to the pit in a country area near Russia city. I felt excited because one of the dogs to match was a litter mate brother to a bitch i then owned. This dog was a black male and had won one match under the name of Emo’s SHAKIL. Some months earlier, in the pit SHACKIL met and stopped Caisa’s SHAKER in 50 min, pushing weight. This was the only of SHACK’s contests where scratches appeared. There was a big speculation before his second show and I expected a tough competition. Svetlio, from Monstrom Kennels Sofia, brought a dog that a guy from Russe wanted to buy before and both together hooked that one into SHACKIL at 24 kg, so they could see him working. They brought their referee from Sofia. Needless to say which the favourite stake-dog was. It was SHACK’s easiest contest. At 0:18 ARNOLD was already soundly giving sign of defeat. SHACK was rough into his throat and getting ready to finish. Then they picked ARNOLD up. It was clear that black male was not just an ordinary dog.A new show was arranged for the autumn of 2002. Emo’s dog was going for his third. It was also a big northern affair as the opponents, from Razgrad city, had a very famous 2xW who finished both of his opponents.Beinur’s DANJO ended his first opponent in the pit in a little over 30 min and his second in 2:20. His second opponent was a P&S’ dog sired by the famous BASKO. DANJO was sired by Tomov’s CH. TOBRA bred to a Cune’s IRON KID bitch. He showed to be a tough chest dog like his sire and grandsire (Nasko’s BUSTER) but he also liked working legs. SHACKIL could defend himself very good and attacked everywhere he felt efficient between the nose and tail. He proved that night, that he was a fine finisher and could put his heavy mouth at the right time and right place. In 45 min of straight fight Danjo was dead in the pit. Many days after this contest was over, I could remember Beinur’s words: “I never pick any dog up. If he quits on his own…”After that many folks called Emo to breed their bitches to SHACKIL but he was not at public stud. I am sorry for that because this way SHACKIL didn’t leave any ancestors…Later Emo began to work him again. He was hooked into Curtev’s PECI, another famous 2xW who destroyed both of his opponents. He was from one of Bulgaria’s best “ROM” litters: Laza’s PROCO-PROSPECTOR x Tomov’s PIRANJA, in which there were CH. BRICKIS, GR. CH. CHICHO, and Grafa’s AHIL 2xW 1xGL. All of these dogs could bite hard and were game. PECI was mainly a persuasive throat dog. The ones out of this litter had the manner to lay down on the floor and wait for their moment to make their favorite way. When they get their hold, they bite so hard that the spectators cannnot believe.

SHACKIL vs. PECI was to be at Razgrad area pit where SHACK won his third, but half an hour before the beginning of the contest the authorities came and we were forced to move 30 km away to P&S’ pit.

Many spectators saw the referee saying: “Turn your dogs! Pit!” And it was on. It was SHACK all over who didn’t allow PECI to get up, but with PECI working the throat from the bottom. SHACK couldn’t apply his style and close to the hour mark the contest was even. No turns, no out-of-holds, only a few breaks for bitten lips with SHACK screaming to continue. As the match went on, PECI weathered the storm and began to lead the contest. Nobody could tell the outcome because the leading dog was changing every now and then after 45 min of the fight. At 1:55 PECI was deep into the throat of lying SHACKIL and still no turns and no out-of-holds. SHACK didn’t move, didn’t breath good too. Then Emo decided to pick up and try to save his dog. Some time after the hour mark when SHACK got up from the floor and began working viciously again, Curtev’s partner said: “Where did this dog take all this strength from?!” Nobody, left disappointed or unconvinced in both dogs’ hearts and talents and most of the spectators went home talking about the good show they just watched.

Regretably, SHACK didn’t make it, dying a few days later leaving no ancestors behind. CH. PECI was taken to a vet who later found heart problems after the contest and told Curtev he could no longer be an open dog. But he pitted him again, into Nivelin’s FRANKO 2xW (triple Tomov’s HERA bred, littermate brother to the famous Nivelin’s CH. COBRA, still open for the pit) and PECI lost fast and expired after a few. G-Crockodile (Doncho Petrov) bred his buckskin SITA bitch to the famous, at the time, Petichkata’s CRAZY and got G-Crockodile’s TANGRA. Later on, he bred TANGRA to Silvi’s BEAST, a hard-mouthed shoulder dog who won four and lost one to Tomov’s CH. TOBRA. From this litter, BEAST x TANGRA, came off SHACKIL. BEAST also produced some dead game dogs as well as curs as any living dog. Some of the dogs that deserve to be mentioned are CH. IKE 3xW 1xDGL, TONCHO 2xW, MAXIMILLIANJ 2xW, BUSTER 1xDGL, CHAVDAR 2xW and SHACK’s littermate sister Benza’s SCARLET O’HARA 1xW which is showing to be a good brood bitch.