Hall’s “Bullyson Jr.” was another one of those dogs that began his career before Jack Kelly ever started Sporting Dog Journal in 1972. In the Sporting Dog Journal it was recorded as Coggins and Corn losing to “Bullyson Jr.,” at a weight of Fifty-Three pounds. in a matter of Eighteen Minutes in 1971.

It was December the 11th, 1971, in a six card show held in Sealy, Texas. “Bullyson Jr.” would was to face Goggins’ black dog at a weight of Fifty-Five pounds. Maurice Carver was the Referee.

Pete Sparks, in his Your Friend and Mine magazine, reported that Goggins had not in­sisted on weighing in. He reported that the black looked to be about 52 pounds while Hall’s brindle dog (Bullyson Jr.) looked to be about 55 pounds. It was a good hard, fast fight, with “Bullyson Jr.” being the better wres­tler. Goggins’ black fights the mouth, while “Bullyson Jr.” goes into the stifle. The black turns at the Eight Minute Mark and a handle is made a minute later. The black makes a fair scratch and “Bullyson Jr.” gets back in the stifle. Handles are made and “Bullyson Jr.” scratches at the 12 minute mark. The black scratches slow at the 21 Minute Mark. A minute later, “Bullyson Jr.” scratches again. The black up to scratch at the 24 Minute Mark and stood the line and is counted out. Pete Sparks made the comment, that this Bullyson dog was simply “too much dog for the black”.

Only 38 days later, on January the 18th, 1972 in Durant, Oklahoma “Bullyson Jr.” would face his second opponent, Don Bullard’s “Chato”. Maurice Carver was once again the Referee. The dogs met hard in the center of the pit, in minutes “Bullyson Jr. “ took full con­trol of the contest fighting the stifle. Bullard’s “Chato” was no match for “Bullyson Jr.”. A turn was called on “Chato”, and when he was up to scratch, he took the count at the 25 Minute Mark.

It was the second contest of the day, re­ported in the September – October issue of the Pit Dog Report

Bullyson JR

1973, that Bobby Hall and “Bullyson Jr. would face Don Mayfield using the red dog “Tombstone” (Mayfield’s “Tomb­stone” would later be sold to Pat Patrick and would be most remembered under that name as a Register of Merit dog.). These two warriors met and fought toe to toe, bite for bite, and at the Hour Mark it was still an even match. An Hour Fourteen, “Tombstone” scratches, and getting the best of a downed “Bullyson Jr.” At the Hour and Twenty-Five Minute Mark, Bob­by Hall concedes the contest leaving “Tomb­stone” to be declared the winner. On February the 9th, 1974, Bobby Hall would bring “Bullyson Jr.” out again., this time in Monterrey, Mexico. He would face the Hi­nojosa Brothers & Company. They brought a brindle dogs that could have been a twin to “Bullyson Jr.” . The dog went right to work, but as time passed, “Bullyson Jr.” began to take over the fight and at the 58 Minute Mark, the Hinojosa entry stood the line and “Bullyson Jr.,” had won his third contest and Championship Title.