I received Jumping Jack Flash at the age of eight weeks old. I bought him along with 17 other dogs off of the Latin Boys. When I went to pick up the dogs, I saw Jumping Jack in a small rabbit cage all by himself. Of course that was not his name yet, but it was soon to be. He got his name, because he would not stop jumping around the cage. From that moment on I knew he was going to be a special little dog.

I started schooling Jumping Jack Flash at a very early age. By the time he was eighteen months old he had past all his tests with flying colors. He had the misfortune of being a small dog, becuase of this he always had to be rolled against a larger dog. But, he always came out on top. He was a true Game Bulldog. At the age of 19 months old I took him out for his first match which turned out to be his hardest match of all. His first match was into Gusto Boys’ Hanable, which is a son off of Gr Ch Bronson. This fight went on for an hour and 39 minutes. Hanable, went toe to toe until he was picked up, and declared dead.

Jumping Jack Flash second match was into Island Kennel’s Gizmo. This was a pure Giroux bred dog. They don’t come anymore gamer than this one. The little Gizmo dog tried everything in his power to defeat Jumping Jack Flash, but wasn’t as quick, or as experienced as Jumping Jack Flash is, or was at the point in time. Jumping Jack Flash, just out classed him. Gizmo was picked up in :58 minutes.

His third match was into The Jersy Boys’ Little Bumphus. This was supposed to be a real good match, but it turned out to be his easiest match. Jumping Jack Flash came out buried himself in Bumphus’ chest, and it was over in :26 minutes.

So, Jumping Jack Flash was champion by the age of twenty eight months old. At that point I figured I would retire him. I retired him, because we had lost his father Joker, a 2x. Joker was the gamest dog that ever lived on Havana’s yard. He produced Hurricane Kennel’s Ch Spooner a 4x, and Jumping Jack Flash. He also produced Havana Boy’s Panama Jack 1x and was best in show. So, now we have Jumping Jack Flash to take on his father’s position. Jumping Jack Flash was bred to approximately 10 gyps, and so far every dog that has come from him looked real good.

Well, all I can say for ourselves, The Havana Boys, is that we were the proud owners of Jumping Jack Flash.
~ Havana Boys