Well, lets see where do we start with this little gyp’s tribute. I guess we can start by saying she was never shown. I received info from a very good friend and knowledgeable dogman familiar with this family of dogs, that Irene was a cold bitch. Some will ask why then is she even being written about. Why was this bitch even bred? To answer this question one should understand who the breeders were, as well as how Irene was bred from top to bottom. We can study the pedigree and see the obvious. Irene was double bred on the king of the ROM list here in the U.S. CH Jeep ROM. Some will say, “so what, she was cold”, but lets keep looking. Irene’s dam was the one and only Bridget, who was a sister to Garrett’s Rock, producer of CH Mechanic, Beetlejuice, and Blondie. Bridget is also the dam to Chan’s Floyd. Irene’s grandam was Crenshaw’s Dolly, sister to GR CH Snake.

So you see, Irene’s pedigree is one that is filled with first class performance bulldogs, and she is closely related to some outstanding dog’s that have performed and produced. It was only fair to give her a try in the brood pen. I’m only aware of one breeding with Irene, but that one alone makes her worthy of this small tribute. She was bred to White’s Tab, a son of Jeep to an inbred RedBoy bitch named Tabby Girl. Anyway, the Irene/Tab breeding produced CH Gator ROM, who made his place in history as a performer and producer. Continuing that family tradition of producing world class performers and producers CH Gator produced GR CH Blackjack and PRODUCED CH BRUTE, CH GATOR ROM, WHITE’S KA POR, INDIAN ROCK POR, SPIDER 1xW, WHITE’S ABBY AND WHITE’S TAB JR.,VERY HIGH % OF GAME DOGS. PRODUCED SOME VERY INFLUENTIAL DOG’S IN VERY FEW BREEDING’S!!irene was bred to Tab 3x’s, busenbark’s barney rebel, and ch gator. dont know if she was cold but she was an awesome producer. Al White found out early that she could produce because in her first litter bred to Tab, ch gator and ch brute both winning their first contest at a little over 12 months old in age.

White bred all his females to Tab being that he was the last son of Ch jeep left alive which is also the same reason he was retired after his game test and not matched. white already knew he had a good dog and was proving to be a great stud dog so im sure if irene was cold this was the reason for doing so.

ch gator is probably the gamest jeep dog that ever lived and was a good pit dog but an even better producer and crenshaw and al white both agreed that ch gator produced better than ch jeep himself putting down 50 1xw’s and numerous ch’s and 2xw’s as well as ROM/POR dogs. the jeep line today through these dogs is known as the line that keeping Giving(Producing) weather its tight bred or even better crossed.

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