Ch Beetlejuice was whelped from a breeding between Can-Am Boy’s Ch Becky & WCC’s Rock. Rock was a very good son of Garrett’s Jeep bred back to his half sister, Crenshaw’s Dolly. Dolly was a littermate to Brabham’s Gr Ch Snake. Rock was a very good dog in his own right. As a young dog he was rolled with Ch Cobra (this was when they were both young dogs.) Both Garrett and the person who bought Cobra said that the two dogs went tit for tat for about thirty minutes. Garret refused to sell Rock after the roll even though they tried to talk him into it. Rock was the only dog that I know of that laster that long with Cobra without being ready to put in a bag. Rock was also rolled with a bigger son of Jeep’s that took out most of his teeth. This served as a game check, but also resulted in his never being matched. Garrett refused all attempts to buy Rock until he decided to get out of the dogs. At that time he was sold to Goodtimes from the Windy City area. Goodtimes was associated with Windy City Combine and Rock eventually ended up there.

Anyway, after Becky made Champion, the pups off here and Rock took on much greater value in the eyes

Sire of Beetlejuice (WCC’s Rocky ROM)

of Tenaside, where most of them were being kept. All these pups were hot acting and had grown into some of the best structured dogs that Tenaside had been around. Three of them had been kept at Tenaside’s house, one had gone to the Gentleman’s and two more had been sold to Hugh in the upper Northeast. Hugh had lost one of these two but the other grew up all right. These dogs all acted like world beaters as yung dogs but didn’t really show much as pit dogs. Tenaside said that all but Beetlejuice would run over and themselves to the other dog’s ear and stay there until they were broken off. Once broken off, they would scream in the corner until released and then run back and go for the same ear hold. They did not show much in the way of mouth or a desire to punish their opponent until they had been rolled several times. They all did eventually develop into very good match dogs but that is a story for a different day. Beetlejuice was the exception to this pattern. He was a punisher from the start. His first roll was with a young dog off Ch Reno and Mia named Henry. Henry was a littermate to Razz (2xW), Archie(1xW) and a couple of other good dogs. Both looked like experienced pit dogs, going hard into the shoulders and showing good mouth. They only went at it for about ten minutes but it was a war for that time. Beetlejuice’s second roll was into a son of Ch Chambooga’s named Chocolate. These dogs went at it hammer and tong. Chocolate started out driving and Beetlejuice went to the head. When Chocolate slowed down a little, Beetlejuice went to the shoulders and Chocolate responding back in kind. It was at this time that Beetlejuice first showed his unusual pattern of staying on the head and going to the front end when he got the chance. They went at it for about twenty-five minutes with both doing significant damage. One of the 

Ch Becky ROM

Bellon Club, Mr. Gray, was there. After the roll he remarked that these two didn’t need any more schooling sice they already showed more style than most winning pit dogs. Tenaside had to agree and decided to go agead and take Beetlejuice out. Mr. Gray’s dog was an Eli bred dog that had come from Cardenas in Mexico. It was a brother to Calijaa, who Tenaside later won a match with up North. The match was at 41 pounds. Bellon Club’s dog, Borrowed Bob, came in right on weight and Beetlejuice came in at 40 1/2 pounds. After the preliminaries the dogs are released and Bob is pushing for the front end with Beetlejuice on the head. Beetlejuice does a good job of controlling Bob but isn’t doing much damage. Tenaside is wondering if he took all of Juice’s mouth in the keep. Finally, at about 15 minutes Juice comes off the head and hits Bob in the shoulder showing a very quick mouth. He only stayed in the shoulder for a minute but when he comes out there is dark red blood flowing and it’s obvious that the mouth is there. He goes back on the head until about the 35 minute mark when he starts hitting Bob’s shoulder several times, Bob goes down and can’t get back to his feet. Tenaside tells Bellon Club that they should pick up since, if they wait much longer, it will be too late. Bellon Club says they wantt o see if their dog will make a scratch to continue. Mr. Gray accepts and Bob makes it three quarters of the way across and stops, his chest and shoulders are in very ba condition. The time is 44 minutes and Beetlejuice is a 1xW.

For his second match, Tenaside lets Pinky and the Brain borrow Beetlejuice to go into the King and Sons. They decide on 42 pounds as the weight. Pinky brings Juice in very strong but he runs a little hotter during this match then in his first. King and Sons are using a 1xW off King Arthur called Dino. After the dogs are released, Juice once again goes right to the head. He only stays there for a minute or so then goes to Dino’s front end. He starts getting high in Dino’s chest and Dino is having difficulty keeping him out. At the 20 minute mark, Dino is on the bottom ad in serious trouble. At 25 minutes Tenaside says “You better save your dog.” the King replies “No, we came to fight.” Pinky comes back with “The fight’s over.” at 42 minutes they give it up and Dino make a very game courtesy with Juice screaming to go in his corner.

After the match with Dino, Beetlejuice was put on the side for almost a year. Tenaside had several other dogs he wanted to do and figured that Juice could use a good rest. Then, one day he received a call from Roadblock. Roadblock had previously matched into Beetlejuice’s brother, Ch blondie. Blondie lost in almost three hours crawling game. Roadblock had a reputation for going after (and beating) dogs with big reputations. Since Beetlejuice had gone into very good competition so far and had made his wins look very easy, Roadblock must have figured that beating him would be a feather in his cap. “We have a date with destiny” Roadblock told Tenaside. “We knocked off Blondie and we are coming for you.” This was the final straw. Tenaside felt that Blondie had been matched too heavy and should not have lost too Roadblock. This stuck in his craw and he really wanted a chance to redeem the reputation of this litter, which he felt was one of the best ever. Tenaside asked if he was brining Gr Ch Stan the Man. Roadblock replied that they were not using Stan but a 2xW named Goldie. This dog had destroyed both dogs he had beaten, one in under 15 minutes. “He’s just as good as Stan the Man and he’ll whip Beetlejuice.” Roadblock told Tenaside. They worked out the details and the match was for summer time. Since Tenaside had heard numerous complaints of Roadblock showing up with overly large and overly rowdy group of backers, he called for a strict limit of ten people per side. Roadblock agreed to this and foreit was posted. As the match approached, Beetlejuice worked well but, due to unseasonable coolness, Tenaside was not able to determine his tolerance to working in the heat. Nevertheless, Juice seemed in fine shape as Tenaside left to go South for the show. Juice’s weight was close and he had a couple of days to shed the extra 1 1/2 pounds. Tenaside was staying with a friend about two hours from the show site and everything seemed in order as the show approached. A few friends of Mr. Gray’s came up from Texas for the show. They had lost money when Roadblock’s Gr Ch Joey has defeated Gr Ch Texas and hoped to win some back from Roadblock and his crowd with match. As Tenaside’s group pulled into the show site, it was apparent that Roadblock and his crew were already there, plus about 20 extra people. Roadblock had promised to keep it to ten per side but there were at least 30 people from his side present. Although several of them were good, well-known dogmen, many of the rest seemed to be there just for the action. For the most part, it was a loud rowdy group which was not at all to the liking of the host of the group with Tenaside.

After a good deal of hassling around about the size of the crowd, it was agreed that the match would go on and that Roadblock’s side would pay the forfeit amount into the purse. Both sides felt that their dogs were ready to go and did not want to delay this “date with destiny” as Roadblock had put it. Making a large group of people leave seemed a lot riskier that just going on with it and hoping for the best to Tenaside. The dogs were then weighted in with Beetlejuice coming in just over the line and Goldie about a ppund over. The dogs were washed and brought into the pit area. At the referee’s signal the dogs were released. They hit in the middle and Beetlejuice gets a hold on the side of Goldie’s head with Goldie protesting slighty, almmost immediately Beetlejuice starts pushing for the shoulder with Goldie holding him out. This was a bit of a surprise. Usually Goldie was known as a pushy offensive minded dog and Beetlejuice as one that was patient until he thought the other dog was beginning to soften up. This continued for most of the first 10 minutes and many figured that the two dogs had learned something about each other. Beetlejuice seemed to sense some weakness in Goldie and Goldie seemed to feel that he needed to hold Juice rather then pursue his usual offensive style. At about the 15 minute mark a turn was called on Goldie and allowed by Bandwagon, the referee, with several in Roadblock’s group protesting loudly. A more obvious turn was made by Goldie about a moniute later and a the protest quieted somewhat but it was abvious that this was not what Goldie’s backers had expected. By 18 minutes r so, it was apparent that Beetlejuice, was in control and Goldie was beginning to have trouble holding him out. Then suddenly at about twenty minutes Goldie made it to Beetlejuice’s back end. Now it became apparent how Goldie had earned his reputation. He was slick while in Beetljuice’s rear and had him somewhat confused. Beetljuice first tried to get to Goldie’s back end but it was hidden in such a way that he could not reach it.He then swung around and tried to get to Goldie’s head, again with no success. He then tried once more for Goldie’s back end and again could not reach it.Beetlejuice’s backers were starting to get a bit worried as it apeared that Goldie was very deep and Beetlejuice could not figure out how to get him out. Just about that time, Beetlejuice went back to Goldie’s head and managed to get his feet under him. He then stood up and peeled Goldie off his stifle, he immediately started to work Goldie over and it became obvious that Goldie could no longer handle the pressure that Beetlejuice was putting on him. At about 30 minutes a handle was made and it did not appear that Goldie would go. When the referee said to release your dog, Goldie’s handler refused, saying that he did not get enough water on his sponge. The referee then declared Beetlejuice the winner but Tenaside and several of his backers yelled to go ahead and let it continue. They were very sure by now, that there was no way for Goldie to win and did not want there to be any doubt as whether he had had a fair chance. Certainly a factor in this was that a number of Roadblock’s group had just threatened the referee and appeared to be looking for any sort of excuse to start some sort of problem. After about a minute in the corner, Goldie made a very slow scratch and Beetlejuice went right back to punishing him. Another handle was made with Beetlejuice going very hard. On the next handle Goldie doesn’t budge out of the corner and turns to look for the wall when Beetlejuice is released for a courtesy scratch. Juice is in good shape right after the match, eating and drinking like nothing happened. He is taken home and two days later is bred to his mother’s sister Ch Betty. Roadblock calls Tenaside a while later and says he wants another chance at Juice. Tenaside tells him that he wasn’t very pleased with the way Roadblock and his crowd handled the whole thing but that if he wants to bring Gr Ch Stan the Man to Tenaside’s area they can arrange something. He feels that this is fair since he had gone to Roadblock’s area for the Goldie match. He hears nothing else from Roadblock. It might be of some interest that Goldie was used again. He was matched into a very game dog from the Caribbean and won in a little over an hour. A number of those present said that he looked very impressive during this match in which he completely dominated. The win made him a Champion.

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