My Name is Sybil meaning Prophetess I was born at Black River knl. My sire being one of the best Producers of all time, his name is Ch Recoil Buck DOY ROM POR and my dam FBTK’S Lee who is great grand daughter of gr ch Barracuda. Here is my story. I grew up on BRK’S yard where I would now and then sparring with my sister, brother even gr ch Vodka who I was with on the same yard , after showing some good potential, I was sent to Bounty’s yard where I went and further my art until I became a 4w. I graduated and started my career and it started like this. Bounty put weight out for 16.3kg and a camp called PGK took the weight to find out on the night that me and my good friend Reighnman were hooked into the same dog. 8 day’s before show rumor had it that the dog I was suppose to meet was sick.

Reighnman threw a hint to say we might be meeting on the same weight then Empire ended up setting the whole thing up swooping opponents around. I ended up matching into The Abattoirs where Parvy faced bushman and Sybil facing Darcie. The males had to dance first before I could dance and oh boy Little did I knew about performing in front of a big crowd. Bounty came to fetch me after bushman who is my half brother won a very tough show that could go either way. I was nervous of the big crowd yet Bounty still took me into the box. If I had it my way that I could run away that night I swear I would, anyways we get in the box with mr B as my handler.

Before I knew it Darcie was all up in my face head u name it. I was still trying to figure out what was happening big crowd Darcie not giving me room to breath. I heard my master saying my name good Sybil rah rah rah then i realized that we were at war with Darcie and her master. I tried to stay out of trouble but oh my Darcie was not allowing me to do just that. Bets were being called and I was looking bad with my tail between my legs. It was very embarrassing for my master let alone our opposition had high hopes that they were going to smash Bounty, even better a daughter of Recoil. I tried to upper my game by defending but Darcie was not having it as she had the upper hand, a good reach advantage. This frustrated me that a turn ended being called on my side.

The spectators went even wild like a cheerleaders Sybil is going to cur tonight a handle is made we rushed to my corner to refresh and strategies. I decided it was about damn time I can’t let my fear for big crowd bring me down. After 30 seconds I pulled my self together and it was time to shine, I went straight into Darcie’s throat like a jackhammer drilling on solid concrete and remember she was tall that she took me off easy I said to my self not this time you had the upper hand the last 1719min u had enough even Bounty was going wild that he managed to get the best out of me I dived again deep under Darcie’s chest stayed there l was doing a chest operation that one could hear bones crushing.

It wasn’t long then Darcie fell on the carpet and I was not going to waste any time straight for the kill. Closing the wind pipe of the mighty Darcie I am not sure if the 2nds called for scratch to continue thinking that I wasn’t going to come out of my corner to my surprise it ended up being Darcie that had had enough of my punishment and decided to call it a night making me a 1w in 33min.

I made my master proud that he gave me x 3 full chickens to spoil me lol. Time went by where Bounty had won HOS with my half sister Killer who was a 1w and my other half sister Chantè who is currently a 4w 1BIS. HOS had 3 dogs that they were willing to take us on, me and my 2 sister. It went back and forth negotiating weights. Killer ended up going on 15.5, Chantè was hooked on 17 but came in 16.7 and her opponent 17.3 then me I was hooked on 15.7. The night came were had the convention with Killer going 1st and me 2nd. I waited patiently for my turn which was after 31 min when Killer made 2xw.

It was again a big crowd sigh wtf is wrong with Bounty how can he do this to me again too much faces though they were about 5 lmao on the opposite side. Some of spectators that saw my first show figured this was going to be short and predicted the show to be over in 15 min. Dogs are released and I start out of the blocks, yet on my first i never left my corner as I was nervous around big crowds. I went on the attack and goes for the throat, But unlike my first show Layla doesn’t allow me in there for long. I end up going to the head when Lyla went for the my throat so I end getting Lyla off and wrestles her to the ground and appeared to be the stronger of the two.

So goes pound for pound exchanging throat holds. I didn’t have that much mouth yikes seems to have left it mouth in the gym and Lyla seems to draw more blood than me. Then few minutes later Lyla’s stifle seems to be cramping up but she is not allowing that to bother her. After the 30 min mark the pace has died down and we were both fighting in flurries. This time Lyla starts mounting a comeback and appears that she might be tipping things in their favour, but doesn’t have much conditioning left in her. I started going in for the kill and applied the pressure and Lyla starts singing to the heavens.

Her handler goes back to his corner and comes back and concedes making me a 2w in 48mi. The handler wanted to take her out of the pit without a courtesy scratch and the owner of Ch Badger 4xW insists they scratch her as Badger is her grand sire. Lyla ends up completing a game scratch. Killer ended up taking BIS, Chantè won In short order 18min. Not wasting I got hooked again with my half sister into winners up in the Eastern part of the country where we travelled 800km for our championship shows. This was like a must pick up K2’s blood as he had lost bad with 2 of my half sister, champ Emma and 2x Lucy.

The day to travel came where we traveled with 2W Wreckit buck who was going for his championship title into a 1w. We finally got to the east side well rested thanks to YMCBK who made sure that we were comfortable as possible. Even went the extra mile to give my master and his friend’s a Barbecue. At about 6pm Killer and I went to go empty for the last time and oh yes Forty was came to witness this as well. We finally got to the venue with Wreckit going 1st which he came out a champion I was next inline going against guys that had traveled from the gold city with their 1w and killer was last on the list.

I had to impress as I was going 2nd. I was going again coco who was had won in short order and thought I was her next victim, little did she know I was becoming a champ that night. I was mentally, physically and emotionally ready for this dance. Master Bounty made sure that there was no room for error from the diet to training. Before releasing there was some tension with G going on about forfeit coz Bounty had told him it was a 2 card not 3 card. Anyways that’s a story for another day.

We got washed and straight to the box. I took a good look at coco and looked at Bounty then said to my self today I will be a champion and nothing is going to stand in my way. On release I ran straight into cocos chest working my self to in deep trying to finish the job quick little did I know coco had won her 1st show by punishing her victim on the muzzle so my being on her chest made her go on my muzzle.

She thought I was going to let go of her easy as she was trying to grind my face thinking she was going to give me a face job. I had to show everyone that I was a 2w and about to take the championship, so I swopped holds from chest I went deep to the back end stifles where I hid my face while taking a good chunk of those stifles making coco scream, moan and groan in pain and some how she managed to maneuver her self out of that position and was angry she came back dishing a good punishment on my shoulders and this was nothing to me on Layla had tried this before.

I went into defense mode it was like Michael Jackson moon walk dancing my way to the back easy pizzy lemon squeezy. Riding that head controlling it like a pilot. This made hopeless coco push more and more until she started to fade slowly. Her back legs started to wobble like a tyre that has a big puncher. This was at around about 25 min. The handler went to hos corner to consult with his partner but it was too late because when he turned back I was busy killing poor coco deep in the throat. Bounty busy scream rah rah rah rah and we all know when he says that it means finish her. Coco struggling to breath as I blocked her throat causing her to suffocate. I could feel her soul leaving her body slowly but her hand was too quick to concede so she was saved by the bell at 31min making me a 3w a Champions Leaving Killer to settle her score with G which she conquered and made champ in 44min. For no 4 I was again supposed to go along side Ch Killer but Luck was not on my side. We were contracted into dreadful ex partner. This was like a grudge match where the score was suppose tobe settled.

This was after some funny comment went viral soon after 4w Maui won 8w Mason lost. So Bounty went and contract us into that camp. I was supposed to go on 16kg Killer 15.7 but this didn’t go as planned. Mr. B had some personal problems in his keep this was when lock down started and we hardly trained which cost me on a forfeit on the night as I came in 16.3 too quick to think Bounty ended up putting killer who was also over for her show she was 15. 9kg and ended up facing my opponent whose name remains unknown, all I know is she was a daughter of ex gr ch Mason. I ended up being contracted into Rebel who had confidence that he would stop me from becoming a 4w.

Contract was for a 2 card show Lake who is my Half sister a Recoil dog 16.5 and me on 16kg. The day came and Rebel came with Dreadful cbc who again went and run his mouth after killer won him. This was a big issue where Bounty was not going to and K27 didn’t want these guys at his venue after an incident had happen. I felt whenever I was suppose to show these guys were always the reason for me not going for 4 spectators were filling rebels head with shit saying I was over that’s why the show won’t on yet it was plain and simple the nightmare didn’t want these guys at his shows.

Arguments back and forth until Bounty decided he was going to go ahead mind u this was after D from cdc apologized to Mr B and k27. An agreement was made and finally show started and I was going in 1st Lake 2nd Bets were being called before I even enter the arena with the opposition full of confidence and powered by 4 different camps Rebel, CGk,Bk and CDCk who both came to try and stop me from becoming a 4w lol. How good must one be, to have 4 different camps gang up to try and stop you.

We finally got into the 4 corners I looked onto the opposite side I saw this tall big dog I was like wtf I am a midget compared to her height she looked mea and meant business to my surprise het name was Xena warrior Princess this made me nervous but to my assurance Bounty whisper in my ear kill her for me and before I knew it Ref has already requested for us to be released I ran straight on xena head had to capitalize and neutralize her tall ass before she could use her reach advantage against me, forcing her to work twice as hard to touch my silky smooth skin which she was struggling to.

I was too fast for he. All her attempts to get on my shoulders I would hide my legs tuck them to the back while pushing her head down that every bite she attempted to get was straight to the carpet. Full throttle was in my corner and never did I know this guy can talk a lot of crap. The man was passing rude and bad comments to the 4 camps saying look how can such a tall dog fail to out wrestle such a small dog. Who did the keep and selection coz apparently this bitch xena was the real deal I wonder where as she looked like a rookie into me or I was just too smart for her. She tried to go pound for pound with that plastic mouth of her and I beat her to it punishing her like my name was the punisher.

This was brutal I mean I felt like I was in a combat with a puppy this was the worst I have ever face. Felt like taking a candy from a child. Who runs hot in 10min? Guess that’s none of my business. This was embarrassing that CGk started saying wait until u see the next one meaning Lake’s opponent who she beat as well. These guys had already given up on poor little xena this was a no match for me. Felt like I could take 3 of the same dogs in that same night. Even on my worst day this dog was never going win me.

I remember hearing k27 telling Button’s that they had picked the wrong fight soon after that I had to put thie child’s play to a stop by closing that poor xena’s throat I mean I wasn’t going to kill a dog that was a no match for me so the handler had to concede. Making me a 4w and not a sweat on my hair and I quote Winners watch winning losers watch winners. I heard someone was crying after this show from the other corner sigh don’t send kids to do a mans job. I was suppose to go for gr ch then picked u 2 Forfeits.

No takers for about 6 months talkers would talk on social media platforms like gossip girls keyboard warriors. Never have the balls to face me yet talk big on Instagram yet not mature enough to call me out. Their steps are too slow to take a dance with me. After about 7 months of not getting any weight I was sent up to go breed to Recoil, soon after I left the mother city there were about 3 16kg females open and up country those who run their mouths more than their dogs were back at it.

Knowing I was bred like they say when the cat it away the mouse come out to play. BOUNTY MADE ME WHO I AM TODAY . I will say this again there is dogman and there is man with dogs it is not the same thing. Don’t brag out unproven shit that wins schooling’s or take nice pics, ped don’t fight or make the a bulldog, it is the dog that makes the ped.