He was born from a breeding done by (Sire:M1S CODY and Dam: Breakdowns ZERA POR) which produced the  monster himself. he came down from the east to the west and was blessed to kennel 27. He is a very nice looking bulldog and the perfect example of the ADBA (American Dog Breeders Association inc). He’s very good with people and true to the Pit Bull Terrier Conformation Standard, down to earth and was given to ROWAKES  to keep and campaign to the best of his ability. ROWAKES  then waisted no time and schooled him a few times until he was confident enough to take him to the LIE DETECTOR  and was then hooked  at 21.5kg into Dead Easy Kennel with a grandson out of RIVER KENNEL’S BALLISTIC IMP. ROWAKES went to ask FULL THROTTEL’S  to  help him get the boy ready for his show. 6 weeks later let  the show began.


Dogs are weighed in and both came in at 21.5kg, washed and faced off. “Release your dogs” the ref ordered. Tensions are high from both camps and monster slams Clouws from the center of the box back into his own corner. At about 25min, Clouws gets a nice hold on monster and monster goes on the defense and counters with his own mouth hold.
D.E.K  was shocked by what they saw, avery tough show for about 30 min, then Monster figured him out by the 45 min mark. And just like that the show was over, making MONSTER A 1xW.

1xW MONSTER then went home to ROWAKES and was said that “he ain’t nothing special”. After that ROWAKES no longer wanted anything to do with the dog so he then contacted FULL THROTTEL’S telling him that he has no interest in 1xw Monster and wants to give him away. FULL THROTTEL’S  then called kennel 27 and asked if he could have 1xW Monster and was told he could have the dog. As for kennel 27, they knew FULL THROTTEL’S was the man for the job thus then becoming FULL THROTTEL’S 1xw Monster. FULL THROTTEL’S then hooked the 1xw at 21.5kg  into MRK that had a hound bred out of Bountys Ch Wanderlei Silva 4xW 1xBIS  named MRK’s conor wonderbar. Keep beggins and  1xW Monster is getting better and stronger every day very hard and determined dog that just loves going for walks and always wants to work . 3 Weeks into his keep he gets hold of a cat and kills the little kitty. Seeming to be abit sick, FULL THROTTEL then rested the dog and only started working him a week later. 4 weeks later LIE DETECTOR TEST TIME.


Both hounds came in on weight and ref orders handler to turn and face ,release your dogs and the show is on the road. It was a really tough show, both dogs going at it, the MRK dog really looking good exchanging holds with the 1xw monster and showing to be a very high ability dog who was working monsters ears ,chest and back end was  really looking promising. At about 27 min into the show monster change tactics  and ends up on the head working his way to the muzzle  and making the MRK dog twist and turn with his muzzle in monsters mouth, trying to get free. Monster showing some really high ability being on the muzzle and hits the throat  at about 50 mins into the show. A turn was called on MRK’S dog. The Ref then granted and said handlers handle when out of hold. At 52min FULL THROTTLE’S  gets a beautiful handle and MRK, looking very stressed as things doesn’t look as great in their corner Ref said face your dogs with MRK’S CONOR WONDERBAR to scratch and he stands the line While monster is screaming making him 2xW Monster 1xGIS

2xW 1xGIS Monster was booked into by a private vet called doctor “BIG L” to help with his recovery after his incident with a cat and was checked to have a nice hard recovery after his “hog chase”. It took him about 2 months to be fully recovered after this incident. Shortly after 2xW 1XGIS Monster was fully recovered from this incident, FULL THROTTLE KENNELS was contacted by BHK KENNELS and he was contacted by “Mr.miller” from MILLION DOLLAR KENNELS. “Mr. Miller” and his kennel members were interested in stopping the Monster from reaching his champion status. MILLION DOLLAR KENNELS brought out there 1xW Juju who was a kuzack bred dog. 1xW Juju had a lot of hype behind him and he was said to be a great prospect in the game, making him sound as if he had all the weapons to destroy the Monster. 2xW 1XGIS Monster was put in a pre-keep and he seemed fit to continue on he’s journey on becoming one of the best to ever do it.
The contract for this showdown was drawn up by FULL THROTTLE KENNELS and BHK KENNELS , it was agreed to for the dogs to meet in 8 weeks.

8 weeks later…

~*FULL THROTTLE KENNELS 2xW 1XGIS Monster vs MILLION*~ DOLLAR KENNELS 1xW Juju~*  was  about to start and all eyes were on the two prospects. The dogs were then washed and weighed and both dogs coming in at 21.5 kg with no one missing weight. Both dogs were then taken to their corners while Monster was screaming from the time he laid eyes on the pit, as Monster was brought into his corner he’s energy and intensity in his scream was amplified. He was over excited, full of energy and hyped like a Monster Energy Drink. Both dogs were in their corner and were ready for action. 2xW Monster and 1xW Juju met at the centre of the pit and scratched hard into each other like two freight trains clashing into each other. MILLION DOLLAR KENNELS 1xW Juju got a early hard blood scratch into the shoulder of FULL THROTTLE KENNELS 2xW Monster while Monster taking him off and gradually working on the muzzle.

Early in the contest It was clear that the 1xWJuju was the harder biter and  brought a viscous fight to the 2xW Monster while Monster showed that he would continue scratching hard into his opponent. The contest was going back and forth with both dogs having their moments and eager to destroy their the other opponent, the contest was extremely heated with both dogs trying to figure one another out , while they were working each other’s backed ends, then to the shoulders, throat holds and so forth. The contest was an absolute bloodbath. Both dogs were very intense and agile. After the 45 min mark both dogs seemed to slow the pace down a bit .By the hour  mark Monster was starting to work more defensively while working hard on the muzzle of Juju and Monster showed very high ability alongside the pit walls . MILLION DOLLARS KENNELS 1xW Juju was working hard and pressing trying to get in by 2xW Monster.
After the contest had reached the hour mark ,Monster had seemed to figure out his opponent and he was making he’s opponent look dumb. At 1hour 20 min Monster was working the muzzle hard and really made damage on the face of Juju  and blood was everywhere , shortly after a turn was called  at 1hour 30. The scratches started at 1 hour 45 till 2 hour 10 where Juju made his last game scratch. This was the end of the contest and it was said that The new 3xW 1XGIS Monster made the hardest scratches among the two.
For the 4th show , The now ” FULL THROTTLE’S 3×W CH MONSTER” was called out by SNEAKY-SNEAKY’S & DUIWE BOER’S CH CHAOS .
CH CHAOS was a double DGK & AK47’S 4×W 1×GL CH DYLAN dog . And after a good rest the dog’s were hooked. Match night arrived and you could feel the tension around the arena as the CH vs CH showdown was about to start. The dog’s were released and just 30 minute’s later MONSTER hit his spot, and started destroying CHAOS face causing CHAOS to turn,growl,shout and cry in the Pit leaving sneaky-sneaky & Duiwe boer skeptical wether or not their champion was of calibre for the Monster or not …. And after just 15 minute’s with CH MONSTER on his face and destroying CH CHAOS it was clear that he could not handle the devastating skill’s and mouth of the MONSTER . CHAOS was conceded and was given a game scratch and FULL THROTTLE’S MONSTER was declared a 4×W in exactly 45 minute’s FULL THROTTLES CH 4xW 1XGIS  Monster was not  looking bad after his tea party he had with SNEAKY-SNEAKY’S & DUIWE BOERS CH 1xGl CHAOS. He was eating and moving like he had a accident in the street 3 days into CH 1XGIS 4xW Monster recovery he was looking ready to start again few months went by and soon got a call that there is a very hard biting 2xw from the east that was Supposedly able to kill the CH 4xW Monster in a few minutes. The contract was drawn up at 21kg  dogs were set to meet in 8 week and few weeks into the process everything is going well. CH 4xW Monster looking really beautiful, healthy and stronger as time got closer he starts picking up that his soon going to go party again and really looking like A professional UFC FIGHTER working hard every day waiting for his big day and it has arrived. We set off to the east about 1840km away from home and CH 4xW Monster settled in very nicely on his travel like a truck driver going on a road trip
was a Battle cross from the IMP ROM Ch Recoil Buck D.O.Y 2017 and IMP ROM Ballistic. 2xW Red Joker was known for his hard mouth and elite fighting abilities and very high intensity, most experts thought that the 2xW Red Joker was going to get his champion status easy against Monster. Match day came fast with everybody looking forward to see these 2 titans in action.Both dogs came in at roughly 21.5 kg with no one missing weight and both dogs looked like they were in there prime, there conditioning and keep was looking perfect with very little amount of fat, just pure muscle! The ref made sure each dog had a good wash before the contest took place. As the dogs were brought into their corners the 4xW Ch Monster was screaming as if he was a hound from hell. ASSASSIN’S KENNELS 2xW Red Joker was not detoured at all and he was eager to go in for the kill. “BOOM” both dogs meeting in the centre while the dust flies behind them. 2xW Red Joker vs 4xW Monster was really a heated up contest.
Both dogs on their hind legs pushing each into the corners of the pit. This contest did not seem as if would go the distance, Red Joker was showing some real intensity and mouth having great early moments in the contest while hitting Monster bleeders in his chest, at the 15 min mark the entire pit was a blood bath and it seemed as if a pig was slaughtered without being tied. Monster was showing  real ability and intelligence, Monster was put into some nasty spots inside the pit but he was able to figure out as to how he can maneuver his way out of it. Both dogs were going in for the kill and at the 30 min mark Red Joker was hitting hard bleeders in Monsters Chest while Monster was hitting “BLEEDERS”  on the muzzle of Red Joker, as Monster was holding the muzzle you could hear the cracking of bones as he was biting on the muzzle of Red Joker, at the 40 min mark both dogs then seemed to go pound for pound while driving each other back and forth on their hind legs while being able to work their way up and continue driving into one another shoulders, stifle, ear holds and so forth, as the fight goes on Monster takes out his secret move…

He starts working Red Joker in his gut. He takes Red Joker in his gut and starts using him as a mop for the pit, dragging him across the pit, at the 50 min mark Red joker was a extremely game dog and continued driving back into Monster but this only got him into the Monsters trap. Coming to the 1hour mark Monster starts getting into his shoulders then transitions into a throat hold while the crowd chanting on. Monster was alternating from chest to shoulders then into the throat of Red Joker, at 1 hour 15mins Red Joker had seemed to pick up pace again and got into the back end of Monster while Monster struggling to get a solid hold in this position. Both dogs made hard scratches in the pit but it seemed that Red Joker could’ve had a power advantage. Monster was a extremely intelligent dog with supreme fighting abilities, this was an absolute *BLOODBATH* both dogs trying to rip each apart, At the 1hour 45 min mark Red Joker made a hard scratch into Monster and put him in his corner, Monster then tried fighting from the bottom and he found his way into the gut. At this point Red Joker seemed that he was about to see his maker, at the 2 hour mark Red Joker was declared Dead by the ref,  Red Joker just dropped as he was about to make his scratch.this then declared him his title GR.CH Monster while he’s FULL THROTTLE KENNELS shouting “come fuck us up” “trust the process”, while holding the 5xW GRCH MONSTER who was screaming and barking.The now GR.CH 5XW MONSTER was set to be retired as he had a very long and rough show with The red joker, this was no walk in the park. It took him a few months to recover and soon was acting out on the yard again barking like a true GR.CH,  at this point we  got a CALL from the NORTH side  a really respectful person who has asked for an opportunity into the GR.CH  with his CH  we drew up a contract and was set to meet. 1542km away from home in 8 Weeks


We arrived at the big arena it looked as if a DMX concert was taking place that night It was full of dogmen everywhere it was a beautiful experience with the north saying that they are going to kill monster and huge  bet’s were taking place both dogs came in on weight at 21kg  and it was wash time. ref said turn and face your dogs and release  CH Blade comes over flying monster coming over as strong as an ox  they meet hard in the center of the arena and CH Blade showing to be a really hard biting dog that jacks into the GR.CH throat monster then takes his special hold on the muzzle to show his great ability and intelligence keeping the CH Blade out of his chest and throat  it goes on like this for about 30 minutes monster then also gets off the muzzle into the CH chest and throat leaving the CH looking very stupid and suspect the crowd screaming 6xw monster   at this point monster was really putting down some punishment on the muzzle of CH BLADE  it looked really bad as if a fat man has been beaten by a beer bottle, blood everywhere. At 50min GR.CH monsters was declared FULL THROTTLE’S 6xW MONSTER.

GRCH 6 xW 1xwGIS  MONSTER was on  his way home after his road trip and happy meal at this point (I MR FULL THROTTLE’S HAD A GOAL FAR BEYOND YOUR WILDEST FANTASY) MY SON FULL THROTTLE’S GRCH 6XW MONSTER IS  UNDEFEATED AND IS 8 YEAR’S OF AGE AT THIS POINT) We then got a call from a very well respected kennel that they have a 4 xw Bronze that would like a opportunity into the freak of nature GRCH 6XW 1XGIS MONSTER   WE KNOW THAT WE ARE AS, GAME AS OUR DOGS SO WE HOOKED SHOW WAS CONTRACTED .
A week before  release i get a call from my wife saying monster ate something and i got home and saw he had something in his pen  for 2 days  he was throwing up and trying to bring up whatever he ate. 5 days later it was face you’r dogs FULL TRHOTTLE’S GRCH MONSTER VS YMCBK’S 4xW BRONZE BOMBER  The big day has finally arrived where 6xW GRCH MONSTER 1xW G.I.S vs 4xW CH BRONZE BOMBER 1x B.I.S 2x G.I.S D.O.Y 2021 was about to take place.both dogs came in weighing in at 21kgs.while FULL THROTTLE KENNELS and YMCB KENNELS were bringing their warriors to the arena , they were screaming because they knew that it was time for action.After the dogs were washed the ref called both handler’s to their corners where they were struggling to control their dogs. Both dogs couldn’t wait for the action to begin as they were screaming and jumping, trying to get to the other.
As the ref asked their handlers to face them it was as if all of hell had broken loose! Both dogs flying across the pit like a bullet with MONSTER coming through hard into the throat of BRONZE BOMBER and slamming him on the ground and shaking him like a “cloth”.Both MONSTER and BRONZE BOMBER were showing an elite level of intelligence and tenacity. The pace of the fight was at a very fast pace with both dogs going “Pound for Pound”. MONSTER and BRONZE BOMBER were hitting each other hard in the front with BRONZE BOMBER working the shoulders and neck while MONSTER working on the muzzle, ear then shoulders. At the 30 min mark the pit was an absolute bloodbath with neither dog seeming to slow down. FULL THROTTLE states that at the 45 min mark, MONSTER had seemed as if he was having stomach problems. This then reminded him of the incident that had happened earlier in the keep , he is not making any excuses but he could see that something was wrong with his boy MONSTER however, continued to make extremely hard scratches into BRONZE BOMBER.

BRONZE BOMBER was a very intelligent dog and seemed to have  a answer for everything the MONSTER had brought . MONSTER was hitting him with “bleeders” but this had not detoured BRONZE BOMBER a bit , BRONZE BOMBER was an extremely “Game” dog and had gave the MONSTER a few terrifying “bleeders” aswell. At the 1hour 30 min mark It was clear that there was something interfering with MONSTERS stomach, FULL THROTTLE states that he wasn’t going to be cruel to leave his dog in their with his stomach problem, so at the 1hour 40 min mark FULL THROTTLE KENNELS asked the ref for a courtesy scratch. MONSTER continued his courtesy scratch until 1hour 45min, this then making BRONZE BOMBER a 5xW GRCH. The ex GRCH MONSTER (6xW 1xGL 1x G.I.S) was really a wonderful dog and it was a pleasure to own him. he was  a specimen, a freak of nature and a true example of this breed and he had an amazing character sharing it with his ancestors that came before him. MONSTER is a dog that is very true to the game and has the tenacity of a running horse who keeps on running until he finds his death.Ex GRCH MONSTER (6xW 1xGL 1x G.I.S) was a very high ability athlete and extremely intelligent.

MONSTER was at the top level of this game and you couldn’t get any game dog to bang with him, he was feared by many kennels due to how he finished his opponents. MONSTER was a high ability dog that liked hitting hard on the muzzle of his opponents,then hitting bleeders into the shoulders and finally finishing them of in their gut while shaking them hard, you could hear the cracking of the rib cages as he started shaking nonstop.even though MONSTER had  1 loss to 5xW GRCH BRONZE BOMBER ,a well deserved win, GRCH BRONZE BOMBER did not live to see the rest of his days for he had died shortly after the match , while ex GRCH MONSTER lives the rest of his days out as a stud. MONSTER is at stud and will only be breeding to selective bitches with stud fee. FULL THROTTLE KENNELS states that MONSTER was really 1 of the best dogs he had owned. FULL THROTTLE KENNELS had owned many great dogs such as CH PISTON who was also a good dog who stopped another CHAMP in 2 hours, another 1 was 2xW jacuaza nd so the list goes on.

FULL THROTTLE KENNELS had owned many great dogs but he states that MONSTER would forever have a special place in kennels and he looks forward to having a offspring from the MONSTER. He intends to base MONSTER into his breeding program because he is the FULL package. And a last few notes from FULL THROTTLE KENNELS is to always “be as game as your dog” and “come fuck us up” much loved and respect the this beautiful GAME