Gr Ch Boris was the result of 1xw 1xgl Gustav (Ch Recoil son) x Yoshida (2xw 1xgl AK daughter) a well-balanced breeding that I liked ever since we owned the sire and the dam. Gr Ch Boris was never going to be here if it was not for the risk, I had to take to breed the sire and dam as his sire second prep work on the cards a week out before the dam’s heat was over. My partners supported it but also was not sure as we never bred a male in a keep ever. So, I must make the call for advice and call our Jamaican brother all the way locally as he has been imported already hahaha. Enough of that mating, we did it after we consulted with the Bounty Killer. Gr Ch Boris was born 4 days before his sire lost his second show Gr Ch Boris was a very laid-back pup he would exclude play time from the litter and play on his own roaming the yard doing his own thing, even feeding when none of his litter-mates are around or if they were sleeping.

I liked his calmness yet confidence as a pup. He would never start fights or get into fights if a fight happens it would not last long as he would show he does not want to fight by walking off. At around 4months things changed when I got another female pup who was very dominant and would just want to fight until one night the little fighter (glorious in battle) whip this female pup like a big dog and I let it go for 2min, he showed good ability and showing that he would finish if given the chance. I stop the little play manner, but he is restless, so I had to separate them. The next day it was like nothing happened, but he hurt her bad.

Gr Ch Boris showed lot of fire when I walked him out screaming at dogs doing everything showing that his was the boss and would want a piece of anyone daring to cross their lines. At 8months I look to school him got three dogs lined up for him as he was already a huge pup, I could only manage to get smaller dogs that is why I let him go into three. Its release he sees the first dog and flies out of my hand like a rocket and jet all together boom he hits the throat of the first dog. Seeing that Boris is still young I told the guys I would just give him 5min the first dog in so much shock screams and does not bother to bite back and not being ready for what he has just received. We stop that one on 1min. bring the next dog he does the same thing. Dives into the chest showing his ability speed and raw natural power. Third dog the same thing happens by now I am excited, and we stop it all at 4min as I would just like to guide my boy.

Gr Ch Boris is 10months old and we put him into our own stock man we’re we surprised a hard biting croc of a chest dog that messed up one of our prospects chest bad it ended his career and this puppy is not moaning one bit but rather wants more of it by showing what his made off and the pressure he can tolerate at this young age. We bring the next dog a face dog and it is crazy as this puppy being Gr Ch Boris is not showing any signs of slowing down one bit. Me and my partners are incredibly happy this far. He still had three more after these classes where he did just as good. Let us start his career at 1year 3months I gave my crew the heads up I am putting our boys weight out his ready and they told me I am crazy but still supports me. We get weight want hook him 22kgs, but opponent says it is too heavy 21.8 and we


It is the day we wash and weight and we good to go. Ref says release and it is on Boris comes out hard into Raiden shoulders but Raiden with the age on his side and a bit more experience takes Boris of before he can settle on his hold. The two of them starting to wrestle in the center it is 10min in and Raiden showing good mouth but Boris the pup takes it with ease. 13min a turn is called on Raiden as Boris is turning up the heat hitting shoulders chest throat jacking Raiden up in the air.20min it is clear Boris will bring it home for us as Raiden is badly hurt. 25min handle is made and Raiden to scratch, and he comes out true, but Boris slowed him down quick. Boris slams him to the floor pins him and dishes the flurries out on him 27min I get a quick handle Boris to scratch and he meets Raiden dead center send him into mid-air with the impact of his scratch with crowd going crazy saying they never seen anything like it we in the winning seat for sure now Raiden felt that scratch alone. 31min another handle is made with Raiden to scratch and he stands the line. Making Boris1xw and Raiden 1xl

Next one 1xw Boris is well rested and only 1year 5month of age now. We look to hook again. There was a 1xw a on 20.5 and I am about to do something crazy to meet the 1xw as my crew says I am crazy. But like always the support is there hahahaha. The show never happened so we ended up taking a novice from the same camp and dropping 1kg to play. Risky move it was to put a pup through. It is time to play 1xw Boris had a difficult keep as he was sick rested 70% of the keep. In all honesty 4 weeks of work was too much, but we managed to get him ready for a show we also were not sure will happen he looked smaller than his opponent. LOCKDOWN has just implemented level 5 during the pandemic which had just started, and the show is a week away. With plans put into place the show is on Boris comes in 21.01 but he did not want to empty either his opponent coming in at 20.89 and looking fresh strong a bigger then the little 1xw Boris pup.

It is time to release, and they meet like two freight trains. It is on the swapping holds for the first few minutes figuring each other’s moves Falcon showing good mouth good ability and Boris staying in there. But it’s clear the 1kg drop had an effect it’s 35min and Boris taking a punishment of his life but we doing this as a team and Boris staying calm as always..45min a turn is called on Falcon and it’s granted but a handle is no way in site as the speed the dogs are going is still frantic. 55min Boris on the floor still taking a beating but staying calm and doing his own silly ways of putting Falcon off by trying to attack but Boris forces him to defend on the head. 1hr10 the first handle and falcon comes out flying and refreshed and lashing it out on Boris once again. But Boris still showing no sign if giving up. 1hr20min it is Boris to scratch he comes out straight but stumbling and it is on again but…. hey….

Wait a minute falcon does not want to be touched anymore he growls as Boris just tries to get a better hold and boom like a night rider he goes and sit on the ears to stay out of trouble as he senses this puppy isn’t giving up. 1hr30min another scratch for falcon he comes out straight and true it’s on again…Boris trying to go for the kill but falcon like before protests again and scrambles out of the hold to go to the ears. 1hr45min Boris again to scratch he comes out stumbling once again as his legs are badly battered and also he never had his full keep and it’s showing now.

1hr50min Falcon to scratch. Aaah it is starting to show on falcon and those in his corner sees he does not really want to be here anymore but somehow manages to come and mouth. They start telling me pick up the dog his game his good. All I could tell them…look whose panicking. 1hr58min Boris to scratch he comes out once again stumbling giving all his got now applying more pressure as we go in once. It is all said and done at 2hr02min a handle is made with falcon to scratch and he stands the line. The seconds asks if Boris now a 2xw will come again. I say yes and release Boris and the ref catches him as his coming out again in the straight-line stumbling. Well-done my boy you showed us heart tonight

YMCBK’S 2xw Boris
SK’S 1xl falcon what you show you gave us
Boris recovered very well after the long show how ever a week later I had to crop his ears since it was not getting any proper blood circulation anymore.
1year 11months Boris fully recovered we want to get the boy hooked once more and we get him hooked at his true weight 22kgs.

YMCBK’S 2xw Boris vs BOK’S Cole

Its release day tension is high Boris is ready but very tense nor resting on his chain spot and not wanting to empty out. He comes in at 21.6 and Cole comes in beautiful at 21.9. Release and Boris slams Coles from center back to his corner and Jack’s him by the throat the crowd loves this, and Boris loves the whisper of his name ever so softly. 10min in and Cole shows what his made off showing ability and putting pressure as well. But Boris came out of a nightmare show with falcon but our little boy know what pressure is since a puppy back then. 20min Boris going into the throat again swapping ear holds and starts dancing as well but Cole isn’t no push over either and shows what his made of by giving blows too Boris as well. 22min a turn is called on Cole and a handle is made at 25min and Cole showing he wants more as he goes crazy in his corner and he comes out hard.

They go tit for tat for the next minutes Boris hitting shoulders throat with deep chest holds jacking Cole up from his feet time and again. 30min in handle is made on Boris to scratch and he comes out flying directly to Coles throat again and lifts him with that same hold. 35min blood starts flowing from Coles legs and chest area and his taking bottom now and Boris hitting him all over senses its time and punishes Cole not giving him any show. 40min in and a handle is made Coles to scratch and he comes slow but true and Boris opens the flood gates more and Cole’s throat area is swollen, and more bleeders hit in his front-end chest area as someone in the crowd says, “Boris broke Cole’s chest check there”. At 47min the handler throws his towel in conceding and 2xw Boris is crowned Ch Boris as Cole makes his game scratch making him 1xgl

Well, done YMCBK’S 3xw Ch Boris
Tough one BOK’S kennels 1xgl Cole

YMCBK’S Ch 3xw Boris vs BIGBK’S Hustler
Weight 22kg

It is a chilly day in the East as we prepare for a long drive to the West for a 9-hour drive. Time is set, dogs get loaded and we off. We on the road 3 hours into the travel we stop letting the Champ stretch legs. We are traveling with 2 Champs and the task is not east. His tense and ready to go as he knows he does not drive in his sky crate for nothing. Finally, we reach our destination, and the Champ took the travel very well with weight looking incredibly good. We let him rest throughout the day, but it is a stressful day as he broke out and escapes from the crate few times. We put him on the chain spot that belonged to 2xw Lefty who was going for championship at the same arena for few minutes and his ok but wants to work as he knows what is coming. Its time leave we set off to the meeting point and soon we on our way. Whilst on our way our opponents have a break down without us noticing, as we meet up again, we realize the guys are missing. It is a panic stage cause now me and my team are thinking will our boy play. The Champ was to go first but ends up going third as a good friend of ours manages to go search for the opponents who later meets up again to say their car broke down. The Champ is tense in his crate and alert. Finally, second show is finish, and I come to take him out and he comes bursting from the crate, as we say. save the best for last.

Ch Boris 22.04
Hustler 21.97
They ask me to drop his weight each time I try he launches back to where he smells the action coming from. But the opponents say come let us wash. Dogs are released, with Hustler being much bigger than the Champ. They meet in the corner with Hustler trying to take the ear hold but cannot get an ear hold as the Champ has no ears and gives a nasty shot on Boris right eye. At first it does not look that bad, but the swelling started and it is like the pupil wants to pop and it’s just 5min into the show. Its 10min in and dogs are still sorting each other out Boris pushing for throat and shoulder holds which he gets occasionally as Hustler has his dancing shoes on. Hustler showing good ability with Boris not pushing too much as he sees Hustler is a dancer.

The crowd not understanding Boris style says his going jump as he does funny moves, and we do not realise this until we see. Boris is hiding his sore eye by avoiding Hustler to reach the right side of his by fighting loose holds each time Hustler gets on to the right side. 20min in and with Boris punishing deep in throat and chest and dishing it out holds more and more dismantling Hustler who is now slowing down due to the punishment on the throat, shoulder and chest holds. 25min in Boris starts to fang but has slowed down the dancer already. 30min I tell Hustlers handler your shoulder is out as Boris punished it and took it out. 35min again Boris fangs and this happens for the next few minutes for the rest of the show. It is now all Boris, and he starts mopping Hustler om the canvas with throat chest shoulder holds. 45min in The Champ in full control and Hustler just taking a beating like a true warrior. A tough show no turns no out of holds both dogs always in hold. 58min in and Hustler crew see there is no coming back as they concede making Ch 4xw.They ask for a courtesy on Hustler and he comes falling and rolling over as if his chest was on roller blades as both shoulders were taken out and chest damaged making a game scratch and awarded GIS we shake hands as great sportsmanship was shown.

YMCBK’S Ch 4xw Boris vs 1xw BIGBK’S & BHK 1XW THOMAS

22.2kg males
Ch 4xw Boris 22.14
1xw Thomas 21.98

This was one of my toughest for our boy as I had to make a tough call for the best of his interest. Was not planning to box him this year and had no winners. We were only opting for a winner if a winner were to come as the Champ already faced 4 novices in his career. I get a call from a good brother of mine saying he has 1xw open and ready, but we will have to travel. I speak to my partners about and we talk as they know I want to get my boy ready done and retired. My team agrees with me and keep is supposed to start but I am hit by a roadblock In the second week and find it hard getting boy ready for No 5.I call for my partners to meet me we discuss some issues but are unable to assist as we are only 3 and I’m busy with the 4xw and my one partner is busy with 2 dogs a 15.5fm and 17.5 FM who ended winning one show and forfeit one prior to the upcoming shows. My other partner was also busy preparing for a big show with Bronze who was 4w going into a freak of nature Gr Ch Monster 6xw and a Loskop 1xw who were also traveling to the west. I produced a solution, and they agree. Let us speak to the Bounty Killer whom I consult to finish the keep for me as he is our last resort.

In less then 5min on the phone he agrees we make plans getting the 4xw ready for his trip up and it is on. I am relieved as I was in no way letting waste the time of a good brother who asked me for a shot with his 1xw into our 4xw.Its travel time and we leave the east for the west. We arrived our two boys had a good travel Ch 4xw Boris on arrival looking in good shape as well. It is time to release. Ch Bronze our first boy overcomes his counterpart Gr Ch monster in 1hr47min wow what a show making him a well-deserved GR CH 5XW. It is time for Ch 4xw Boris and the moment his loaded his all on alert ready. We weigh and dogs are looking good with the weights looking good. Ref orders the beasts to be release and bam Boris meets Thomas dead centre Jacks him up and puts him down, driving him in the canvas to the side in a deep chest hold. This goes on for a good few minutes with Boris stuck on the chest magnet to steel. Thomas tries getting up, but NO Boris does not allow this and puts him down again. After about 5min Thomas gets to feet and Boris dives into his shoulder again work vigorously and none stop swopping shoulder to shoulder, chest and throat hitting a bleeder on both chest and right shoulder. At 10min I call a turn on Boris as Thomas tried taking him off and he left his hold and as quickly as he does that, I knew his right eye was not 100% from his last show into the same camp where his conjunctiva flipped out and he was protecting it but turning away whenever Thomas tried to bite him on the right side. Funny the spectators thought he was losing interest DOGWOMAN who cannot see the show properly.11min I get the handle Boris to scratch, and he comes like a missile out of his corner meeting Thomas dead in his corner in a throat hold and you could hear from the same crowd that thought Boris was losing interest comments as if they were getting hurt on behalf of Thomas.

Boris is smashing Thomas not giving away anything on any grounds, like an expert at work a proper 1-sided affair 13min Boris is fanged ref gets it out and the punishment continues. Boris goes to the stifles, and I am surprised as his not a back-end dog. The crowd says his going to jump get Thomas into the fight…hahahah Boris is just getting started at playing dirty looking predictable and showing Thomas nooooo my face you will not get a taste of.16min a handle is made with Thomas to scratch and he comes out after the punishment he has just been through to hell and back any dog would not have stood by it . At 22min its all on Boris and his mopping the floor with Thomas taking a beating of his life defenceless soul. 24min Boris to scratch and meets Thomas halfway and takes him back to his corner, now the crowd is getting excited as Boris is coming out stronger and stronger. But wait Thomas is getting smarter on the scratches and tries to scratch on Boris face but no prevail, Boris scratches like ball runs into Thomas and slam him with his shoulders then gets hold of Thomas’s head. At 25min it is all said and done damage is immense and too much on Thomas and he could not touch Boris he tries one last time going for Boris’s face and fails it at 28min on his scratch, but Boris is ready for this.

He shows his experience and why he is a 4xw by turning Thomas muzzle away from his face and working muzzle before his shoots into throat pins him down working throat ending the massacre at 32min Boris to scratch and he sense he need to get this game dog done and dusted. Thomas starts protesting and I am surprised as he only started protesting where some dogs would have long started. He was one tough son of a gun. At 36min the handler of Thomas admits defeat and concedes.

This makes Boris a Gr Ch in 36min. Amazing how the same commentators who thought he was going to lose interest in one sided affair became fans in such an abbreviated period. Wow my boy tonight you showed the AK-47 we have been waiting to see once more took a while. Gr Ch Boris only showed full maturity in his last two shows what a super dog he is. Now you will live a good life and as stud and healthy life my boy. You have made your mark in the square only time will tell your mark as a producer too us. Who knows if it wasn’t for? your eye what would have happened. But I guess 5 is way more than enough for us and to my team THANKS for the support for standing behind me and GR CH Boris from day one and a big thank you to the Bounty Killer for making Nr 5 count…Borislav all the way from Mater.