The best thing that can happen to you in this sport is to come across a dog that stands out from the average. I’m talking about a dog that has all the qualities an ace should have. Out of the breeding between Wildside Red Kennels’ Toruk – a dog double bred on CML ‘s Little John acquired from the Chosen Few – and Aztec Devil’s Pay Check – a daughter of GR CH Yellowman – only a
buckskin male survived by the end which I named Mako. Mako had it – all of the ‘it’ qualities that make up a great dog! The only thing he couldn’t do was talk to me…

Mako’s schooling started when he was about 15 months. He was going 7lbs. uphill, but in spite of the weight difference Mako acted great. He was fast as lightning and had an air of superiority about him. Sometime later – just to make sure – we gave him a second bump. This time against a strong, rough dog that was 5lbs. above Mako’s weight, which was around 39- 40lbs. Again, Mako was in total control of the situation. He was ready for the big stage. Now it was just a matter of time…and finally, the moment of truth arrived…

Wildside Red Kennels’ MAKO MB Kennels’ TOMY . M391/2, Ref: Callejas Kennels
At the time of his first race, Mako was 20 months old. The race took place as part of a six card convention. We traveled more than four hours to get to the site. We made a mistake with his last feeding, so Mako came in a half pound over the weight, so we had to pay the forfeit. Anyway the show was on with Mako riding the the ears then working the throat and chest hard. The outcome was obvious, there was no way out for Tomy! Finally, at the 45-minute mark Tomy was picked up, making Mako a one time winner. Things have looked very promising!

Wildside Red Kennels’ MAKO LV Kennels’ GUAPO M391/2, Ref: Cuajimalpa Kennels
The show took place as part of a seven card convention against LV Kennels and their Guapo dog, a brindle with a pretty heavy mouth. Mako starts out with a fast pace riding the ear, keeping Guapo out. Mako in the throat, working hard and Guapo is picked up at the 50-minute mark. After the show, we had to decide what kind of competition we want to compete in as things became serious. The law wasn’t on our side for sure.

Wildside Red Kennels’ MAKO GE Kennels’ CORTADO M391/2, Ref: Mondragón Kennel

Things became more difficult on this side of the border. The days of the ‘safe’ conventions were clearly over. We decided that the only solution was to organize only private meetings with select people. Panadero Kennels contacted us about a friend of theirs – GE Kennels – who had a dog named Cortado. Well, the show was set with MAKO pushing 3 pounds and still, he managed to keep Cortado down employing his usual style of swapping back and forth from ear to throat. After 45 minutes GE decided that he saw enough and picked Cortado up, making Mako a Champion!

Wildside Red Kennels’ CH MAKO ER Kennels’ BLACK M391/2, Ref: Santanita Kennels
After a more than a year-long break from his career, Mako was back on track for his fourth! He was in excellent shape, shining like a new dime but ER Kennels’ Black dog had a heavy mouth, cracking toes and wrecking Makos’s front and rear wheels as well! After some back and forth Mako managed to escape his death grip and dug deep in the throat, slowly cutting the power off. Finally, at the 1: 05-minute mark Black took the count.

Wildside Red Kennels’ CH MAKO CA Kennels’ TONY M391/2, Ref: Santander Kennels
Four months after Makos’ win over Black he was already hooked for his Grand Championship! Mako was already seven years old. Time has passed so quickly and with it some of Mako’s stamina and youthful energy… but, it would be unfair to take the opportunity of becoming a Grand Champion away from a dog of Mako’s caliber! Isn’t that right? So, decided to give him a chance to crown his career and hooked him at 391/2 lbs. – one last time – into CA Kennels and their Tony, a dog with the mouth of a crocodile! Well, Mako’s keep didn’t went well due to decompensation. Things didn’t look bright for Mako. Anyway, we decided to go on with the show. It was our last chance! Mako won’t get any younger, his health won’t get any better. So, the moment of truth finally arrived!
Both on weight. The first 20 minutes is all Tony, doing some heavy damage. Mako tries the ear but he is too weak! He realizes that Tony is much stronger. Mako on the head. At around 25 Tony is losing power and slows down. Mako riding the ears with Tony fighting from the bottom. Mako on the ears and doesn’t let it go. Tony is picked up at 1:55 making Mako a Grand Champion! Mako
showed us that in spite of his poor condition – amazingly – he still managed to win the race, screaming for more! I guess this is what gameness is all about!