All accounts are fictional and for entertainment purposes only.

RX Kennels El Adi 2XW BIS was bred by Manjaro Apbt Kennel and was given to Ruggedxris of RX Kennels as a gift from CB. RX already owned 2 of her littermates El Cann and El Gabi.
El Adi is a daughter of El Dredder and El Filili, a fine blend of Eli/Bolio strains, people tend to call them old blood and very few own today. The blood was imported by the godfather of the gamedogs, the dogs were mainly out of mister Cardenas from Mexico and Bobby Hall from USA.

El Cann opened his eyes as regards the gameness of this line, very heavy in Liquorice Kid. Basically Eli/Bolio. He was on from an early age and never backed down despite rolling into older more experienced dogs and pushing weight to boot. Unfortunately, we lost him to a swarm of bees. A neighbor provoked them, and they made straight for the dogs on the chain. RX was able to save 9 out 10 dogs. Puppies first. Unfortunately, El Cann did not make it. A big loss. When Oom G from Manjaro Kennels learned of this misfortune he offered El Gabi to RX and he later went on to become a 1XW 1XD GIS. Many still consider him the gamest dog in Mozambique.

So when El Adi, his littermate sister, was offered to RX he jumped at the opportunity to own her. RX could not express enough how much he appreciated the opportunity. She is a one in a million dog. Anyway, she stopped her opponent in 3 min for her first schooling. So RX asked for another dog as he had travelled 100km to roll her. She finished the second dog in 2 min. Supremo Kennels was present at the roll. He called Adi’s opponents curs and immediately told RX that his female Lollipop would stop El Adi in a roll. RX duly pitched up at Supremo Kennels with El Adi the following weekend. Supremo brought out Lollipop and the roll was on. Lollipop was only slightly better than Adi’s first 2 opponents. She was stopped in 5 min and never heard of again.

ETK then said they had one to stop Adi. The mother of Ch Panda Biggs. A match was agreed, and they met at a 3-dog convention. She did slightly better than Lollipop. Adi stopped her in 8min. And got the BIS. Becoming a 1XW BIS. Instead of getting credit for the quick win. Her opponent was declared an average dog. Many dogmen felt that they could beat her, but her weight was open in Mozambique for almost 3 years with no takers. Everyone unanimously agreed in her ability as a pit artist, but most doubted her gameness as she has never had to demonstrate any.

Supremo Kennels also had a female about Adi’s weight, he always posted her as the best female in Moz. She became a 1XW by beating a female from Swaziland in 1hr 19min. Demonstrating a lot of gameness in bagging the win. Finally, he called Adi out. Specifically. To prove his point. Adi by now was 6 years and 5 months old. RX decided to go ahead with the show. Despite misgivings by Black Gold’s due to her advanced age and the fact that Adi was the smaller female. The first keep did not go well as Adi got sick. Half the forfeit was paid, and the match rescheduled once she recovered. The 2 females met in the box 2 months later and Adi made it look easy.

Her second show was a sight to be seen, like one of the 8 wonders of the world, she was the smaller dog and honestly the underdog, not a lot of folks believed she could come out of that challenge as a winner. The dogs were released, Dado was looking like a freight truck, but Adi was a tollgate that knew exactly what to do with her, she kept her of by the ear and neck, everyone was surprised and by this point I guess no one doubted her ability and temper. They were dancing like 2 ballet dancers at the sound of the great Tchaikovsky, what a wonder to be observed, once Dado lost her pace and give space to Adi, she took the opportunity and went straight to her throat to finish the show, by the 36-mark Supremo kennels shook RX’s hand and the show was over, making Adi a 2xw. Dado gave a nice courtesy.

Again, she did not have to demonstrate gameness. Even though her opponent was considered the best in Mozambique. Those who bet on El Adi made quite a sum. RX never doubted that Adi would win. She is one of his best females. Many thanks go to the person who created the Liquorice Kid Line. This line is one of the gamest in Southern Africa and was bred to last.

A special thanks for RX kennels!

Yours truly Black Gold.