Bumblebee came about from an accident mating, but any dog is only as good as the dogs behind them and here is some information regarding his ancestors. His father (Prof. Pavlov 1xGL) was a product of our breeding as well as his grandsire (Mandela 1xW). Dogs that were bred, raised and campaigned by us. His grand dam on his father side was Nicky and she was bred (Youngbuck 1xW x Mickey 2xW, 1xL), double bred on Cappuccino (Bullyson/Eli x Bolio x Yellow). Bekkies was initially offered to us by Mr. Goldie (mentioned in Ch Molly-Mee’s story) as we was out of the game and had no more space for her. She ended up being killed by Stella-Rae in a yard accident. Nicky who was believed to be cold, was later offered for sale and we jumped at the chance to purchase her as we still wanted to do the mating. Nicky had ancestors up close in her pedigree that was a few generations further down in Mandela’s, so the idea was to breed back to her to bring that up close, as her pedigree was made up of dogs with very decent mouth. The mating was made and 12 pups were born with only 4 surviving all of them being Males. This mating is basically made up of old (Yellow x Bullyson/Eli strains), with Gr Ch Gritler POR being the common denominator.

His mother Skywalker was offered to us as no one wanted to purchase her at the time. Her father (also mentioned in Ch Molly-Mee’s story) Day Walker was a 1xW, 1xGL who lost game into Ex Gr Ch Mason 8xW, 1xGL who was only a 1xW at the time. The guy that lost into Day Walker on his first was so impressed with him that he ended up putting the best female he had Masnoena a 2xW to him. Day Walker’s father Ch Midnight 3xW has a somewhat similar genetic Pool to that of Mandela 1xW as they share quite a few common ancestors, only obvious difference would be the influence through Riddick IMP ROM (Bolio x Yellow). His mother’s pedigree is mostly influenced by Gr Ch Mayday ROM through Zippo IMP ROM (Yellow x Bolio), with a touch of Levi who is a tight Frisco ROM bred dog (Eli x Snooty with a touch of Bolio), and she also has some Gritler in her pedigree down the line. Masnoena’s pedigree is predominantly made up of (Bolio x Eli X Snooty crosses on the top) via the Ch Diamond Dan 3xW dog and mostly made up of (Bolio x Bullyson/Eli crosses) via the Kojack POR dog with a touch of the old school (Yellow x Bullyson x Eli) blood via Dogs like Gr Ch PW POR and Ch Sledge 4xW. So at first glance his pedigree looks somewhat scatter bred which it is, but looking deeper into it you find the same foundation dogs are popping up throughout.

That was a mouthful hope you followed. So Bumblebee was born in a litter of 8 pups on the 1st of January, which only had on female in it. He was actually the runt of the litter with him & his sister being the last dogs left on the yard. He was originally called Tinkie as he was the smallest and very shy as a pup always being bullied by the others. His brother the original Bumblebee died on his owner’s yard with some other pups out of Wanderson due to a Parvovirus outbreak. When Tinkie was about 4 months or so he was gifted to Bumblebee’s owner to replace his loss. When he got there his new owner’s daughter ended up calling him Bumblebee and from that day the name stuck. Funny thing is later another littermate arrived on his yard from one of the pups that died due to Parvovirus and she was also called Tinkie.

Bumblebee grew out of his shell and started getting more confident when he was taken for hand walks through the streets. He didn’t grow up to be a big dog but he was lanky for his size. His first roll was about 9 pounds uphill, lasting about 15 minutes and he was holding his own against the much bigger opponent, although he was receiving a hiding he would fly out of his corner when called upon to scratch. On a side note the bigger assailant later killed one of our other dogs in a roll. After this he was probably rolled 5 more times the last two being against smaller dogs. The last one he faced ended up winning the week prior to his show. His weight was put out and picked up. We lost a few shows before his one, this was possibly due to major changes we made to our keep. We reverted back to our “Sulu Keep” and only made minor adjustments to the work schedule. His keep went relatively smooth and he was a hard worker. Show night arrives.

Bumblebee vs Max
Dogs are weighed and Bumblebee is over the agreed weight. Max’s owner takes the forfeit and decides to continue with the show, pushing almost 1 and a half pounds.
Ref orders handlers to turn and face, release and the show is on the road. Bumblebee goes for the throat and only stays in there shortly, as Max doesn’t allow him too. Max defends by taking Bumblebee off on the muzzle. The weight difference doesn’t seem to bother Max at all as he holds his own and showing to be quick on his feet. Max also goes for a throat hold and stays in there a little longer, but eventually loses this hold. Bumblebee was winning at the wrestling exchanges and when Max was on the floor he would hit the throat, but as soon as Max’s gets choked he would be up on his feet never allowing Bumblebee to get comfortable in there. This was basically how the show went, Bumblebee would try for the throat and Max goes for the muzzle. Bumblebee also occasionally goes for the muzzle but prefers the throat. Max doesn‘t allow him any joy in the throat so he switched to the legs, turning his face away from Max at times to avoid get taken off. He would also go for the stifles but not making any visible damage, but always working his holds. Max doesn’t seem to like the leg and paw holds and was protesting, but his crew said Bumblebee was just making him angry, if he gets out of that hold he would take revenge and so he did. When Max broke free he was dishing out some of his own punishment in a flurry, but Bumblebee was having none of that and wrestled him back to the floor.

Max tries to change tactics and ends up on the head, but Bumblebee just stood there not chasing anything and he had to change up again. Ref is ordered to check fangs and confirmed Bumblebee’s cutter is through his top lip. He is un-fanged and the show goes on, up to this point no turns were granted, but Max’s team kept trying to get one. Bumblebee is fanged again and this time dogs need to be separated, Max is also found to be fanged even worse than Bumble, while the dogs are separated Max starts to scream as he wanted to go back, Bumble is also starting to scream as they were separated for quite some time, the Ref says it’s going to be a long night… Little did he know? Couple of fangs came after this and Bumble would always go for the throat, at the 40 min mark Max is starting to defecate while lying on the floor, but was always in hold. Max would go for the muzzle but Bumblebee was continuously trying to twist out of it and both dogs ends up making twists and turns, never allowing the other to gain any advantage. The show went like this till over the 2 and a half hour mark, Max would come up on short bursts which kept his team confident, but would soon be back to the floor and Bumblebee staying on his feet. Bumblebee finally decided that he would switch to muzzle holds, this didn’t faze Max much as he would try to roll out of it. The legs holds was where he was the most vocal. Still no turns has been granted and finally when Max is laying like the Sphinx he turns his head in that position and the Ref grants it. Still no handles, Bumblebee would go for the throat pinning Max on the floor and against the boards pushing forward with everything in him, but Max would get up and roll the other way with Bumblebee now basically backed to the boards, this worked most of times as Bumblebee was reluctant to leave his holds. It’s over the 3 hour mark and finally a handle is made. Max is still turning around in his corner which gives his team the confidence that he would scratch. Turn and face and Max is released and he crosses, when he is over the scratch line he runs a bit more to the boards and then Bumblebee got released. There was a bit back and forth between the parties as Bumblebee’s crew felt that was a sign of Max not wanting anymore. Team Max didn’t have much to worry about because the scratch was now on Bumblebee. Few possible handles come up but both handlers are too slow to handle.

Handles come up and Bumble to scratch, Max’s team keeps him still and snug in the corner, Bumblebee is released and runs straight over going for the neck. Another handle after some time and the ref says turn and face, Max is turned and Bumblebee is still facing his corner, Bumblebee eventually turned and Max is ordered to be released he comes over with no hesitation and the fight is on. There was one point when Max was staying on his feet with Bumblebee in a sitting position, they must have thought this was the turning point, but Bumblebee eventually got back to his controlling the fight again. Dogs are pretty exhausted at this point and the cold floor coupled with being slammed by Bumblebee every now and then couldn’t be doing Max’s kidneys any good. Bumblebee was managing to stay on his feet and Max was taking bottom most of the time. Next up and Bumblebee completes yet another game scratch, Max on the floor with very little left in the tank, but when his handler talks to him he respond by wagging his tail. The fight must have left him at this point basically just trying to please his master. Somewhere around the 4 hour mark dogs are handled, Max to go and he doesn’t, the ref starts the count. His corner is in shock and starts clapping and encouraging him at the 6 count and by 8 he is out. Bumblebee is also exhausted by now and he is also laying, but lays on tops of Max always in hold and Max also tries to keep his mouth around the closest thing to it.

Bumblebee grabs a shoulder and starts to work it, but Max doesn’t allow it. The generator powering the lights end up running out of fuel and the only light available was cellphone flashlights. Handles are made and Bumblebee to go and again without any hesitation he goes over and grabs the neck. Bumblebee’s crew telling Max’s what more do they want to see? They said no point in picking up now and made advances to a draw. This was swiftly declined as they were in trailing the entire night. Handles again and Max to go, he is released but not moving, his handler steps over him (almost like the picture of Floyd Boudreaux with Scrub 1xL) and encourages him and he makes it over. At about 4 hour 30 minutes another handle is made with Bumblebee to go, who is no longer turning around and Max’s team thinks he is out for the count. Turn and face and like all the times before he is out of the corner and going for the neck, everyone was so impressed with this scratch that everyone in attendance started clapping. Bumblebee in hold lying on top of Max who is no longer making any attempt to bite or just hold on. Bumblebee’s handler starting to get agitated and ask the ref if there is nothing he can do. Max’s team thinks that Bumblebee is not in hold and that he is just laying on top of Max as his skin is so sagged on his face. Bumblebee’s handler tries to handle only to find he is still holding on and he puts him back down. This excited him and he left that hold trying for a different one and finally a handle is made. Max to go and he gets counted out, at the 10 count Bumblebee is released for a courtesy and goes over like clockwork. Bumblebee is declared the winner in 4 hours and 46 minutes. Max’s crew ask to see if he would cross this time because they felt he was “disorientated”, this time he completed his scratch. Needless to say, Max was a good one it was just a pity he met up with a great one. Our boy never turned, wasn’t out of hold and never made a whimper if that’s not the definition of a game dog than I guess I will never see one.

One think comes to mind when looking at these small dogs… “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog…” Mark Twain.
The Bumblebee vs Max show broke the record for the longest show between Males in Africa. This show was 2 minutes away from equaling the all-time African record. That record was set by females and Max’s seconds happened to be the winner of that show. These records might probably be broken one day if the Handlers are as game as their dogs. Irrespective Bumblebee TheGreatOne will go down in history as one of the elite few that went over the 4 and a half hour mark and scratched to tell about it. He ate right after his show and everything was looking good, but on the third night he left this earth.

RIP Bumblebee TheGreatOne, you made your kennel proud and you will be remembered as a BULLDOG!!


Pedigree of Bumblebee