Twilight was bred and raised by Gigabyte, he owned her sire and dam, the infamous GR CH Chaptes DOY 2013 and Black Widow, she was of a repeat breading. On the top side of twilights pedigree, GR CH Chapets was of CH Beretta 4XW POR, a dog tightly bred on the Frisco blood, and Princess an Eli/Bolio female from the Liquorice imports. On the bottom side, Black Widow was also tightly bred on the Frisco blood and Eli/Bolio from Liquorice, essentially the top and the bottom were similar with different strains of the same bloodlines.

Twillight was a gift from Gigabyte to BHA, she was 14 months old when BHA picked her up, she had an easy temper, well-mannered and when walked in the streets she would avoid other dogs and sometimes even run away from them nevertheless when she was placed in the square she would complete her task flawlessly. She began her schooling at the age of 18 months, the first was against a dog 3 kilograms heavier than twilight. As BHA said he never forgot that day, it was a Wednesday, he had twilight between his legs acting like a puppy and the other female looking like a mean machine ready to demolish her. When they were released, the heavier dog crossed the square like a rocket and got twilight, she was confused and did not know what hit her for about 2 minutes, after that, she got up and grabbed the other dog by the muzzle. Basically, she ripped her a part, the opponent ran away from her, leaving her teeth on the carpet. BHA collected them as a trophy and still has them till this day. Twilight’s second schooling was similar to the first one, after that it became hard to find someone willing to school against her. Since no one wanted to school with twilight, BHA decided to school her against a male, the result was identical, she showed wat she was made from, the decision to release her weight was taken right after the last schooling session. The weight was released at 17,5, she was worked nicely on the mill but was a bit of a lazy dog, although she would give herself entirely in the square.

Vikings Nikki VS BHA’s Twilight
Females: 17.7 KG
Time: 59 min

Both dogs make weight with BHK in the center doing the honors. Dogs are faced and meet in the middle of the pit. It was said prior that Nikki fights nothing but the muzzle. Nikki appears to be slightly stronger and decides to be the aggressor and Twilight goes on defense. Twilight seems to be confusing her opponent with the way she is fighting on the muzzle leaves hold and moves a bit back then grabs the throat then then work her way to the back end to come back and sit on the ear then the muzzle and throat This back and forth continued and frustrated Nikki. Turn called on Nikki and handles are made. Turn and face and Nikki comes out of the corner with Twilight meeting her on the way. Another handle comes shortly after and Twilight goes straight to the muzzle continuing her onslaught. Final handle of the show and Nikki takes the count, however Twilight didn’t win the show yet as both parties agreed winner needs to scratch to win. Twilight comes out like a fright train straight on the muzzle and is declared the winner. The Abattoir

Ironwoods Anina vs BHA’s 1xw Twilight
Females: 17.5kg
Time: 1hr43min

Dogs meet in the centre, with Anina coming out rough and fast, but twilight with experience takes control from the beginning, Anina was just hustling to break through all the time but to no avail as Twilight starts to unface the muzzle of Anina. At 1h20 twilight is still in full control damaging the muzzle. After few scratches Anina quit on 1h43 making BHA’s Twilight a 2xw. Ta B

Arkenstones 1xw Franciska vs BHA’s 2xw Twilight
Females: 17.8kg
Time: 23min

Dogs meet in the centre, with Franciska taking the leg upfront as Twilight takes her natural muzzle hold, furiosly working and destroying Franciska’s muzzle after 23min there was no coming back for franciska. Arkenstone concedes with Fransciska giving a game scratch making twilight a legitimate 3xw champion. Well done to all players participating.

After the championship show, it was hard to find opponents on her weight class, as she was considered one of the best 17,5 females in the country, so BHA decided to push her weight to 18kg in order to take on another champion for her 4th show, unfortunately twilight got sick with thick fever and the forfeit was payed. The goal was to make her a GR CH woefully she died from the disease. Twilight was never bred because she had a genetic prolapse, so the decision to stich her up was taken early.

I would like to thank BHA for giving me this wonderful opportunity to write about the majestic CH Twilight.
Black Gold

Pedigree of Benzeen’s Twilight