In 1993 MAD’s Good Friend Black Smokey came to MAD’S yard and Asked if he would house a mother and son pair of pit bulls for a few months until Black Smokey finds a place to keep them. MAD said sure being that MAD had just purchased a boarding kennel that could house easily over 100 dogs. The mother being Black China and the 6 month old son being Tex a.k.a. El Diablo Negro, MAD asked Black Smokey how are those dogs bred, Black Smokey told MAD that he purchased Black China from ChicAgo Mike of Black Forest Kennels being pregnant from Bo Wells’ Ch Oscar and that Chicago Mike didn’t give him Black China’s pedigree yet, So MAD told Black Smokey that he knew Chicago Mike very well being that MAD had beat Chicago Mike with MAD’s Ch Roto awhile back and MAD knew Chicago Mike had just purchased Bo Wells yard and had seen Ch Oscar on Bo Wells’ yard and now on Chicago Mike’s yard.

Six months later Black Smokey came to visit and check on his dogs. Smokey asked MAD what He thought of them, MAD told Black Smokey they were good looking dogs, but they belonged to him, so Smokey asked MAD if he would he’d buy them from him, MAD told him yes if he liked the pedigree and found out a little background on Black China. Smokey told MAD that Chicago Mike had it. Smokey wanted $2500 for the pair which was a lot for any dog that a dog man knew nothing about the blood. MAD called Chicago Mike and he gave the pedigree. MAD called around
to be sure of Black China breedings with P. Dibbles, the man who bred her. Pleased with what he heard of Black China as being a leg breaking monster MAD made the deal. Now MAD owned Black China and the black male called Tex a.k.a. El Diablo Negro.

Tex was your typical Eli Jr/Bullyson/ Ed Crenshaw bred looking dog, His body was long, muscular and big headed with huge cutters to match. When Tex turned 14 months old MAD tried to start him, but Tex was not ready for a dog, so MAD tried an old trick he learned to start a dog. He purchased a wild hog and faced Tex up with him and the light switch turned on. At 15 months a short roll was set up and Tex hits hard in the shoulder and then drove to the stifle shutting the opponent down and put to sleep in eight minutes.

A young guy by the name of Micheal C. came to MAD’s yard wanting to learn about the dog game. Michael had purchased some dogs from Lightning – Lethal Weapon Kennels – and asked MAD if he could house them at his yard. MAD agreed to house them, and Michael said that ge wanted to learn from the man he had been hearing was winning all around the world. Michael – after traveling as part of the MAD Kennels camp and seeing MAD winning – wanted to handle a dog and asked MAD if he could buy a dog from him. MAD was not ready to sell anything, but agreed to let Micheal handle a dog named Scope going into Arnoldo Cardenas. Scope was a good dog but had lyme diease from being bitten by deer ticks and his blood count and endurance was questionable. Show night came with Michael handling Scope.

Scope is way ahead of Arnoldo. Well, Arnoldo Cardenas was one scratch away from picking up his animal to save him but Scope decided he didn’t wanna go across on his second making Arnoldo Cardenas the winner. MAD feeling bad about Michael losing on his very first show handling decided to school out Tex and let Michael go into partnership with Tex if he made the cut. Charles H. had a big dog he wanted to look at so MAD agreed to use Tex knowing he would be pushing weight and be at a huge disadvantage for the young at 16 months. Well, Tex a.k.a. El Diablo Negro punished this animal severely hitting him in the shoulders then moving to the rear end where he loves to finish. Charles decided the big dog had enough and was never heard of again. MAD had a proven one-time winner out of Cardenas’ CH Shorty named MAD’s Fire Truck Red that he wasn’t happy with his win over Bobby H. & Mellissa because he got romantic after being a million miles ahead. After Fire Truck Red being back on MAD’s yard from Black River Kennels – who shaped him – MAD decided to put Tex on Fire Truck Red. After only 15 minutes Tex D.O.A.’ed him through the back door with his finishing move. The first eight minutes Tex buried deep in the shoulders, teeth sunk to the gums, For the remaining seven minutes, he laid deep inside the kidney area until the one-time winner layed D.O.A.’ed. Mad was now convinced that Tex was ready to be really challenged and changed his name to better suit him. El Diablo Negro, which translates to “The Black Devil”.

After witnessing El Diablo Negro’s rolls, MAD’s good friend Mr. Arthur Woods said, “Son, put that black dog in shape and I’ll bet on him!”, so MAD decided to do just that and he contacted Aries Kennels and gave him the young black weight. MAD started pre-keeping El Diablo Negro to get his weight and decided the young black dog would make 47. It’s on now! The world will know what was Coming off MAD’s yard with the newly formed Dead Serious Kennels with MAD & Michael C. El Diablo Negro being young and first time working, his 1st keep was not the best but it’s on and popping and they were heading across the border looking for the best competition out there. Michael asked MAD if he could purchase El Diablo Negro and MAD said “Now we are a team and you could purchase half interest in El Diablo Negro. I’d would let you to do the handling and I would do the conditioning and breedings for the Dead Serious Kennels”.

For El Diablo Negro’s first match, we were hooked up into Aries Kennels at 47 lbs. At this time, Diablo was twenty months old and we were headed south of the border to their backyard in Mexico. On the morning of the show, Diablo weighed in at 51 lbs, some 4 lbs. over. The new camp was worried but MAD was not. By 9:00 PM that night, after being walked and emptied and rubbed down to make weight and relax he made the weight which was somewhat hard on him. The show was definitely still on! Upon arriving on location we discovered that Aries Kennels had gone out and borrowed another kennel’s dog. The dog was Espy’s Joker the best 47 lbs. dog in Mexico at the time, a two-time winner and a two-time Best If Show. It didn’t matter. Dead Serious Kennels with MAD was looking for the best out to prove they had the best, they knew what they were bringing. El Diablo Negro dominated Joker making him howl on the first shoulder contact, it was all
downhill for Joker from start to finish and by the 33 minute mark Joker sat down on his 2nd time to go unable to stand from the kidney and stifle shots…making Dead Serious Kennels’ El Diablo Negro a 1XW.

After a short rest El Diablo Negro gets hooked for his second match. MAD contacted his old friend Norman Kemmer and told him he had a very good young he was trying to hook. Norman said he knew where one was and the show was on at 48lb into Kemmer’s Drexal, him also being a two-time winner and a truly deep-game bulldog. This time Dead Serious Kennels was traveling east to Cajun Country, Louisianna with El Diablo Negro now being 25 months old. This match was being used as a measurement of where Dead Serious stood with El Diablo Negro. Being matched into Mr. Kemmer, a legend and one of, if not the most well respected and honored dogman in the game, truly made it an honor.

Drexal was to be El Diablo Negro’s toughest and longest match in becoming a champion. Had Drexal not met up with El Diablo Negro, he would have had a long and more promising career in the game. The box was 16′ by 16′, but it could have been 10′ by 10′ and neither dog would have touched the walls. It was truly a classic match – “Southern Style” – with El Diablo Negro’s speed and extremely hard mouth rapidly becoming the deciding factors. El Diablo Negro deep in the shoulders doing major damage and Drexal pulling him out with mouth and nose holds, Drexal’s big downfall was that he tried to swap it out with the “The Black Devil”, what a big mistake! El Diablo Negro was drilling for black gold and he found it in the white dog now painted with dark red from front to back and Drexal slowing and going to the bottom more often. El Diablo Negro seeing the weakness goes for his favorite finishing spot the gut and stifle. Mr. K. being the sportsman he is,
picks up Drexal at the 38 minute mark. Drexal was brought to his corner for his courtesy scratch and, upon release he had fallen a total of three times catching himself with his muzzle until finally lunging and taking hold of El Diablo Negro making one of the gamest scratches that most had witnessed, proving Drexal a truly dead game bulldog. After an hour of work on Drexal, he couldn’t be saved, but will always be remembered as a truly dead game bulldog.

MAD’s yard gets raided in 1996 where that was 120 dogs being housed. MAD lost 70 dogs, 36 to dog thieves and 34 to the Humane Society but moved 50 to the big ranch 55 acres that he and Michael purchased together. MAD decides to let the crew of Dead Serious Kennels do their own shows and conditioning because MAD was going to court to try and get his 34 dogs back from the SPCA before they killed them. MAD and his lawyer fought to save his family of dogs including his Grand Champion Bo, Grand Champion Gabe blood and six of Champion Coachise’s littermates to name a few. MAD and his lawyer took his case all the way to the Supreme Court and lost his dogs. MAD did the first two of Champion El Diablo Negro and first two of Champion Banji and Champion Redman. For his Championship El Diablo Negro was hooked into Pete Greek & Moe’s Champion Bazra, a four-time winner at 47 lbs. but a forfeit was paid to Champion Bazra because El Diablo Negro could no longer make that weight and the fight would never go off.

El Diablo Negro was matched for his championship about 8 months later due to serious mouth damage from the Dexal show. At 33 months of age Dead Serious Kennels headed up north, this time traveling to their opponent’s back yard…once again traveling over 1500 miles from home to the “Big Apple”, New York City…”where all lanes are fast”. The match was set at 48 lbs, into the Gator Boyz and their dog Dunga. After traveling hours and waiting past the scheduled time of the show Dunga arrives. He weighed in at a conditioned 49 1/2 lbs. and with El Diablo Negro being on weight. El Diablo Negro traveling 1500 miles from his home in Texas now had to push an additional pound and a half. Just one more odd to go against. Once the dogs were released, El Diablo Negro took control, but at the three minute mark Dunga had the tip of Diablo’s muzzle and had suddenly torn El Diablo Negro’s nose from the bone which had him breathing through his mouth. The odds were again stacked higher against him, but after 21 minutes of being dominated by El Diablo Negro, Dunga shut it down with this turning out to be now Champion El Diablo Negro’s easiest victory of his career.

Dead Serious Kennel’s Champion El Diablo Negro was being rested and bred at the big ranch, but MAD & Michael decided to put El Diablo Negro back on the scene. MAD called around to major kennels such as James Crenshaw with Grand Champion Black…he said no. They contacted Malik with Grand Champion IBM and was in negotiations to travel to the Virgin Island for the best opponent willing to take on what they considered the best 48 lbs. dog in the world: Champion El Diablo Negro. While pre-keeping El Diablo Negro for the big show with Michael and MAD at the big ranch caring for the dogs, walking up to El Diablo Negro would jump up and turn a somersault showing off his athletic abilities and happiness, Well this time he fell down and could not stand, MAD looked at Michael and told him this was a very bad sign that El Diablo may have twisted a gut – bloat or stomach dilatation – which is a grave condition. MAD and Michael headed to the Big Thickets vet, where the vet said that there was nothing he could do to save El Diablo and he was right, he died shortly after being there. A very sad day.

Dead Serious Kennels’ Champion El Diablo Negro was a great producer. With less than 12 breedings, he produced ANWK’s Grand Champion Charlie Hustle 5XW, Dead Serious Kennels’ Champion Tupanga 4XW, TNT’s Champion Big D 3XW, R.O.M., Mingo’s Champion Tamal 3XW, Martinez’ Truck 2XW and Dead Serious Kennels’ Latino Boy P.O.R. MAD Has a little of Champion El Diablo Negro blood in MAD’s Hydro a.k.a. McCollum’s Hydro 1XW, P.O.R. and his sister MAD’s Tessa aka McCollum’s Tessa.