One day I got a call from Southern Kennels USA who wanted to buy a dog from me. After going back and forth I declined his offer, however I lent him Rocky,who at that time was around one year old. Rocky stayed about year in Florida – proving that he got what he needs – before coming back to Mexico.

Lil’ Madison also proved to be a good one with enough gameness, endurance and intelligence to be a serious prospect. One day I was invited to Tijuana for a big birthday party and I took Lil’ Madison with me. I just wanted her with me…well, I ended up hooking her into Muñoz at 33 lbs. It was a 18 card show and when our time came we had to face a tough one with a hard mouth but Madison clamped on the nose right from the beginning and stayed there until her opponent’s battery started losing charge, then she was suddenly all over the place. I tried to call a turn – like forty times – but it wasn’t granted by the referee. You see, the show was already over at 30, but the referee didn’t granted the turn until 50, when a handle was finally made. Lil’ Madison scratched right into the pipes, trying to finish what she started. Another handle was made and the same scenario repeated itself, with Madison going straight back, draining out her opponent’s battery like mad! At 1:00, Muñoz’ dog is finally picked up, making Lil’ Madison a one time winner.

After the show some friends were heading to the hotel, so I asked them to take Madison to our room for a well deserved rest. They said “OK”, so I put her in the car and went back. Shortly after they left, the police came to
the site and everybody started running like crazy. On the way back, we got lost and ended up stuck overnight in the mountains. It was already well into the morning when we finally found our way back to the hotel… just to find out that Lil’ Madison was confiscated by the police. Fortunately a Mexican friend managed to get the dog back and returned her to me. I would like to take the opportunity here and thank Esteban Rosas for all the help he provided. Some time later I got a call asking if I’m interested in attending a world class event? My anwer – of course – was yes, so Mr. Callejas hooked us into Tamba Kennels, an old-timer from Mexico, a worthy peer to men like Enrique Morfin, Antonio Bellon, Arnoldo Cardenas and many others. Tamba Kennels used a dog bred down from Sanchez’ Pele/Chabela. Madison got into the shoulder right from the beginning then worked the nose and back to the shoulders. It took some time for my opponent – again – to realise that there is no real way to win for them, so I decided to let it go. Finally, at 28 Tamba’s dog wanted no more of
Madison and she was counted out, making Madison a two time winner. I think it’s worth mentioning that we traveled more than 1200 kilometers (about 745 miles) for this show. For Madison’s championship we were invited to a convention organized by 300 Kennels, a team comprised of the some of best dogmen from around Mexico. So, after the usual negotiating, the contract was signed and we were hooked into Mr. Juan Luna who used a two time winner bred by Chiflado Kennels from their own bloodline. Well, the day has come and Madison was in her best shape ever – weighting at 33 lbs. – acting crazy. She was more than ready.

Madison didn’t waste time and started what she came for straight away. Mr. Luna’s dog barely showed any signs of interest, the only thing what hse did was growling, so a turn was called early on and the scratching
started and…she made it. Now it was Madison’s turn, and she run a good one, screaming for more. Our opponent was horrified, so Mr. Luna picked her up at 8, making Madison a Champion! Again, I would like to mentioning that we traveled more than 1800 kilometers (about 1120 miles) for the show.

After winning in the some of the best international conventions, Lil’ Madison is home, relaxing, living the life of a Champion…eagerly waiting for another Champion at 33.5 lbs. Like Julius Caesar said: I came, I saw, and I conquered. Veni, Vidi, Vici…and we did it Blackrocks style! Now, before I wrap this up, I would like to thank God for my life and the chance to enjoy this moment of happiness. I would also like to thank my family, who always supported me: my wife, my daughters – for making me happy – my mother who always prays for me to get home safe, and last but not least my father, who always encouraged me to be the best I could be,
no matter what I did: it’s not about how many times you fall, it’s about how many times you get back up. I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all myfriends for being there for me:
Gtown, Yandell, MVP Kennels, Vilo, Al Mostro, Al Profe, Teto (for helping me in this trip) all those who believe in dogs and my bloodline! For all my friends and APBT Clubs in Mexico: no matter how hard it is, never give up! Life was never meant to be easy anyways!