Ruff-N-Tuff’s Deuce came to us as Hill’s Bruno from Hill’s Pits. He was purchased to be a house pet and because of who sired him, Gr Ch Lunkane. I loved the look of Gr Ch Lukane and wanted to start investing in the Mayday line so I contacted Hill’s Pits and up we went to pick out our pup. Deuce was raised in the house since he was 5 weeks old, he was very smart and easy to train also. At the age of 6 months, he decided to run into his first dog. I proceeded to break him off the other dog and take him back into the house. After that incident, I closed that exit off so he wouldn’t be able to see the dogs when he went out. That didn’t work either because he went off into the same dog the next time he went out. As Deuce was taken back into the house, the other dog was taken to the kennel to be put up. I inspected the other dog and saw that the damage to the chest was pretty serious to say the least. We knew if he can do that kind of damage at an early age, he was going to be something special later on when he grew up.

At 20 months, Deuce was called out to go into a seasoned dog that was known locally as one that couldn’t be beat, Gr Ch Lucky. Deuce ran straight ahead and plowed into the other dog’s chest and stayed there until Lucky bit down on his leg. Deuce rode the head to keep Lucky’s mouth off of him. Deuce kept shaking on Lucky’s head and Lucky fell to the ground trying to get a hold from the bottom. Before Lucky bit Deuce, Deuce grabbed Lucky by the back of his head and literally shook the life out of him. Lucky’s handler picked his dog up lifeless. Deuce was now a 1xw. Deuce really didn’t need any recovery time as he was only bitten in the leg. It didn’t take long for word to spread about what had been witnessed at the Deuce/Lucky show. We were contacted again soon after.The next dog came up from FL. to try his luck. This dog was said to be a very game and smart old dog named Razor. Gr Ch. Deuce demolished Razor in short order taking out his chest and throat very early. Deuce was now a 2xw at the 14 minute mark.

It was decided that Deuce would be bred to a few of our best females to see if he could produce some offspring that had the same characteristics of himself. We figured it was time for us to get something off of him just in case we had an untimely accident with him. About 6 months after his 2nd showing, he was again called out to go into a Champion they called Bo Bo. On the command “Let go” Deuce went straight to the chest and pushed Bo Bo into a corner and tried to dig his heart out before Bo Bo could get a good hold. Deuce stayed in the same spot and worked it violently. He kept pushing into Bo Bo’s chest area and the swelling and leaking was evident, Deuce was doing a lot of damage and Ch Bo Bo seemed to be running out of gas really fast. Bo Bo started cur snapping at Deuce in the head and face area and when a handle was called on Bo Bo, he didn’t scratch. Deuce flew over for his courtesy. Deuce was now Ch Deuce.

For his next outing, Deuce went into a 2xw that supposedly had it all and was going to be tough to beat. It was Deuce’s easiest show. Buster tried to shoot straight into Deuce’s backend, but he never made it there. Deuce grabbed Buster by the nose and crushed it, you could hear the bones crushing. We then got a hold on Deuce and gave Buster a scratch. Buster showed to be a game one, he scratched back into Deuce once but didn’t have enough after Deuce hit his marks all over again.

For Deuce’s final show he went into a Ch from MS. The other dog beat Deuce to the punch and went into Deuce’s chest and legs but when it counted Deuce would punish the chest and throat. The back-end on the other dog gave out at the 15 minute mark and he quit biting soon after. Deuce played with Ch Spook for another 15 minutes. It was Spook’s turn to scratch, but Spook stood there. Deuce could hardly be held in the corner and went back like a rocket. It was all said and done in 36 minutes. Deuce is now a Gr Ch who earned every bit of it. He has since been producing some nice prospects for us that will hopefully carry on Deuce’s name as a producer and also make a name for themselves. Everybody who saw Gr Ch Deuce work will agree to his Freakish Mouth.

Gr Ch Lucky – 57 lbs – 36 min
Gr Ch Razor – 55 lbs – 14 min
Ch Bo Bo – 55 lbs – 15 min
Buster 2xw – 56 lbs – 12 min
Ch Spook – 57 lbs – 36 min

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