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His first match in Yugoslavia Hatches won against a very strong son Gr Ch Jocker-a at 1:15. After this victory for him there was no enemy in Yugoslavia and Hatches sold it in Bulgaria. Here in Bulgaria the first match was against Hatches Negarcho, brother Ch Tigar 4W. Hatches won in 1:20 in weight 18.5 kg. After this match was signed with Hatches by Ch Tiger 4W (Vitali’s Ch Tigar). The intrigue was that Tiger was a very tough fighter and immediately went to the groin and hind legs, none of his opponents did not survive after the match. Tiger fought in 16.5-17 kg. and at this weight it no one could compete. What will happen now? Show himself as a born killer against Hatches!? Real pit weight Hatches was more, but the owners still have converged on 17.8 kg. and set the date for the match at 16. 01.1999g. The match was to be held in the city afloat at 3pm. Right from the start Hatches made ​​rigid grip on Mr. Tiger and worked in the face before the hour mark. Tiger, unable to use his main weapon – attack the groin and hind legs, and began to take more and more lay down, providing space Hatches action. By 1:30 Hatches beat him around the ring, as he wanted. At around 1:45 owners remove the Tiger. Those who have seen the Tiger after the match, were terrified of its kind! Through the holes in his face, or what’s left of it, penetrated the sun’s rays! So Hatches defeating Champion, he became the champion! Hatches fourth match was in September 1999 against Svetlio’s Keni 2W of Plovdiv. The intrigue of this match was not as big and it consisted in the fact that Kenya had the same style as the hatches! Kenya had a very strong bite and worked in the mouth … Opponents in the same style! Hatches on the contract weight of 19.5 kg., When the weight of 20 kg Kenya. For overweight in 500g.Kenya owners had put on more than 1000 DM! Kenya preparing Borko Tomov (Borko Tomov), which is without a doubt at the time was the best coach in Bulgaria! So Show Time! Both dogs, as expected, began treating each other head … Kenya worked in the ears from time to time going into the mouth. 30 minutes Kenny made ​​a hard grip in the lower jaw Hatches that he raised his voice even more out of desperation than pain! It was the first and last time Hatches gave his vote in the ring. Hatches took about 10 minutes so that he could get rid of this uncomfortable capture, after which he immediately became rigidly “hack” legs. Kenya is a situation that makes it completely vulnerable … Scratches started 50 minutes … They were both severely harassed and followed by 5-6 scratching. Kenya began to go into shock, and hatches on his feet and continued to be severely worked on his legs and part of the transition in the throat. Kenya looked destroyed, but went on to make sure the scratches did not hesitate for a second did not. He was the grandson of Nyapy Monster (Njapa Monstrum) and son Marko’s Ch Tito, – brother Monstrom’s Ch Mali. By 1:40 in Kenya have no strength to resist, and Hatches dragged him around the ring. At 1:45 owners removed from Kenya allowed him to scratch that Kenya carried out as 100% DEAD GAME Bulldog! It was the last scratch in his life … Kenya died 20 minutes after the match, but the doctors tried to save him. Kenya was one of the few real bulldogs, which I had seen in my entire life. Hatches won fifth match against his son Ch Mali in the weight category 19 kg. This match took place in one of the mountainous areas of Bulgaria, Mr. Bachkovo. This match has gathered not less than 200 people broke out again because most intrigue! Hatches again showed his class in high fighting match against physically stronger, younger opponent. 1:30 both dogs made ​​5-6 and scratching at around two hours and ten minutes, Hatches becomes Grand Champion! But soon after this victory, a contract was signed on the 6th match against son Ch Mali and bitches named Angie (Endji ), which carried a magnificent blood dogs S. Pop Son’s, which in turn professor acquired Ricky Jones (Rebel Kennel). I can not say exactly, from whom she was from Jeff X High Rise or Bison X High Rise, but precisely these strains. The name of this dog from Mali and Angie, – Malak! Malak to the time spent in the two matches and killed both of his opponents. The match took place in the weight category up to 19.3 kg. Malak was unusually strong and attacked in the chest, neck and shoulders as “crazy.” Hatches clearly not keep up with him and got a pretty serious injury. Dogs made ​​by scratching and several were severely harassed. At around 2:30 was scratch Hatches, who was already in shock and came at the expense of “3” and confidently completed his most difficult scratch in my life! At 2:40 Malak enough strength to reach only the middle of the ring … Malak was excellent geymnym bulldog, without a doubt! So began a six-time winner Hatches reiterating her Grand Champion title one more difficult to win! most serious dogmas were confused, answering the question: Who will win Hatches? And the enemy was found, it became Vlado’s Gringo 1W. Before the match, the host suddenly began telling Gringo that stayed at Gringo role and stuff … Hatches weight was 20 kg., While the Gringo was 500 g. harder for his owners had to put on more 1000DM. At this historic match was almost all the dogmas of Bulgaria, as well as many guests from Yugoslavia and Greece. Gringo had a reputation as a killer with a devastating mouth! It was rumored that after him in the ring were only corpses. The show started! Manholes with starter went down so hard that the killer had Gringo go on the defensive. Hatches felt like who it was and totally changed his style, not giving the enemy time to recover, and to show what he can do. It was a very tough match, which was not a lot of scratching, but the few that do both without a doubt. At three hours and twenty-four minutes, Gringo last effort completes its scratch and Vlado immediately removes it but it did not help save the life of a great fighter! This was the seventh win more Grand bulldog called Hatches! After the match, everyone said, “If Gringo could not defeat him, no one can!”.About a year Hatches was open to all! He searched for the enemy and in Bulgaria and Yugoslavia, in vain … Some Say, that Gr Ch Micky could win Hatches, but the question is: why no one seemed to earnest money in your pocket? P & S already thinking about retirement for hatches as heard that Borko Tomov looking to match his opponent Saiman-y. This dog was the brother Beinur’s Danio 2W/1L, which, as time lost with his brother Selim Hatches.This match was a vendetta! Date is

scheduled for October 2003 in the weight category 21 kg. In this category Hatches looked like a buffalo! Hatches started with tough attack in the throat! He felt strong and was not going to waste time on a demonstration of his skill. Hatches decided to act easier this time and finish the job quickly. Saiman tried to defend himself by working in a fall, he even broke Hatches lower canine, but was not going to get involved Hatches in it and continued to strangle grip on very deep throat! 55 minutes Borko took reasonable solution and enrolled as a professional dogma, removing his dog at the time. Saiman made ​​uncertain screening scratch. And Hatches yelled in his corner like a “crazy”! He was furious because he was not allowed to finish the job! Immediately after this match P & S announced that Hatches deserved retired and gave it to us, – XXX Kennel. In gratitude, we give them a promising single winner XXX ‘Kris 1W. We won with Chris at 1:30 for Darin’s Lucky, – grandson Alfa’s Ch Silver ROM. Chris also our brother XXX ‘Rebecka and ½ brother of the Gr Ch Liuki mother. Later, S & P immediately put against Chris Ceco’s Gr Ch Jan … But, alas for Chris, his opponent became 6x winner. After his 8th victory and to this day lives in Hatches XXX Kennel and pleases us. We use Gr Ch Luki, as the main products in our breeding program. We got a few litters of females close to him in the blood and can already see that father hatches, or almost worse than the soldier Hatches! Many times we read, as a dogma called their dogs or any other “great” … Often, the greatness of these dogs was the fruit of fantasy, revaluation or simple misunderstanding people what great Bulldog! Here we told you the story about the war, which tried to win the weight categories from 17.8 to 21kg. One of the best contemporary Bulldogs managed some of the best dogmenov … We told you about the War, with the unpretentious name Hatches, which without exaggeration be called the Great! We thank Pete Wizard magazine for the opportunity to introduce your dogmenov a part of the history of the Bulgarian Games. Drago (XXX Kennel )

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