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So IW went on over and picked up this 16 month old pup and held on to him for a bit before checking him out. IW began to look at Mack at about 18 months old and liked what he had seen from Mack. A lot of people would tell IW that Mack was just a hard biting cur. Well IW said we will see about that, and boy did IW show them. Mack’s weight was set and the calls went out.

It didn’t take long for someone to answer the call and it was Ditch Bank/Fishman’s Red. This one was @42lbs.This one did not take long as it was all said and done in 26 minutes, mak­ing Mack a 1xw.

For his second IW was looking for the best 42 in the state. Well this one was set and now Mack was being worked for number 2. Mack was a dog that would do whatever it took to win. He was a hard worker and would give it his all. So for number 2 Pompano Kennels answered the call and came with a dog call Jughead @42lbs. That one did not go long ei­ther and Mack was done with Jughead in 28 minutes making Mack a 2xw. Now Iron Warrior and Mack are on the hunt to make Champion. Mack was becoming the talk of the town and the dog to beat.

It was said that Str8Drop Kennels had the one that was going to stop Makaveli in his tracks. Iron Warrior knew what kind of bulldog Mack was and set the weight and the date. Str8Drop came with their dog called Face @42. This one went a little while longer, still it was all over in 42 minutes making Makaveli Iron War­rior’s Champion Makaveli. It wasn’t long before Iron Warrior was look­ing for number 4 for Mack cause at this point he was going to take Mack all the way. Num­ber 4 was into Troublesome’s Trigger @42 for this one Mack was done with him in only 20 minutes making Makaveli a 4xw.WOW not bad for a bulldog that people said was just a hard mouth cur.

Makaveli was on the war path now and looking to make Grand Champion and the stage was set for

number 5. For this one Maka­veli was hooked into DPG’S Otis. This was the one that was going to put Mack on his ass or so they said. Makaveli put Otis away in 47 min­utes making him Iron Warrior’s Gr. Ch. Mac­kavelli, one of the greatest dogs alive. Gr. Ch. Makaveli is said to be one hell of a bulldog by everyone who has seen him do his thing. Iron Warrior Kennels are now putting some of the best gyps they can find under Makaveli. Maka­veli has already put on the ground a 2xw male, and one bad ass gyp for Iron Warrior. A few peo­ple I know have bred to Mack, he should put some good ones on the ground. Makaveli was a front end and back end dog and would take all of them out in this fashion. Makaveli was also a 4xB.I.S. Every hog lost game. He only had to make 3 scratches during hunts in his entire ca­reer. He is one of the best, if not the BEST in the country. Iron Warrior’s Gr. Ch Makaveli is of of a dog named Baldheard’s Batman. Batman is of of Latin Boy’s Chester ROM to Latin Boy’s Little Black Dumpling. Makaveli’s dam is Zoo kennel’s Lil Mama and Lil Mama is of of Zoo Kennel’s Ch. Merlin to a gyp named Zoo Kennel’s Trick.

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