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I always was a fan of “line Breeding”. So when I had a chance to breed to SCK’S Ch. Jesse James I didn’t think twice about doing the breeding. I met SCK’S Tony a couple of times before we became friends and did the breeding with a bitch I own called Freedomborn Kennels’ Shonda that I ac­quired from Southern Kennels. She was a direct daughter of the great Gr. Ch. Machobuck. This was the first breeding Freedomborn Kennels and SCK’S Tony ever did. This first breeding produced two champions, Ch. Black Dream & Ch. Yellow Rose.

I remember this like yesterday, Shonda was not a good mother so about 9 days after birth she started killing the puppies. Good thing I was home at the time and was able to save 5 out of the 9 pups. I took them away from the mother and kept them in a pen. I would wake up every two hours and place them to feed on Shonda. I ended up saving all five of them, 1 male and Tony and telling him I was thinking about putting down the only male out the litter because he had already bitten my brother in law, and my cousin as well as my partner Fred’s wife. SCK’S Tony advised me not too because Ch. 357 was a man biter as well. The first time, Ch. Dream surprised me was when my cousin was playing with him and out of no where the dog went crazy and tried to grab a hold of my cousin. As this was happening my cousin was kicking him like a football trying to keep him away but the 3 month old pup kept scratching back into him trying to bite him.

Black Dreams first fight was February 27, 20**. Ten days before the show he broke loose and got into it with a son of Gr. Ch. Destroyer, which he ended up killing. So I rested Black Dream from that point in the keep on, reason being he was limping and had a swollen chest after the yard wreck. The day of the show the opponent asked me about the fresh scar’s on Black Dream and called me crazy for doing him but Black Dream won his first in 53 minutes.

For his 2nd match into Smith Bay Ken­nels we came in 2 pounds under because again Black Dream got loose and ate chick­en feed. Black Dream had diarrhea until 2 days before the show. We ended up win­ning that one in 1:12 and were awarded G.I.S.

For his 3rd we again met up with Smith Bay Kennels out of the islands. This is his toughest match yet. They both came out swapping blows. Then mouth to mouth, all you saw on the carpet were pieces of teeth. Smith Bay’s dog kept going in to Black’s chest and stifle. Black was peeling him off eating away at his face then Black went in his stifle giving him his own medicine. He tried again to go to Black’s back end but Dream wasn’t having any of that, tucking his stifle and moving like a snake. At that point Black figured him out!! After 1 hour Black Dream was in complete control. A turn was called and the ref granted it. Black Dream was fighting me in the corner while I was trying to sponge him. Scratch was on Smith Bay but their dog takes the count and stands the line! Black shoots out like a rocket on his courtesy and it’s over in 1:27. Black Dream is now Ch. Black Dream and was also awarded B.I.S.

For his 1st two matches he was campaigned under STN Ken­nels. I just changed my name into

Ch Black Dream

FreedomBorn Kennels because I wanted to do my own thing. We are still part of the same team just dif­ferent names. My sincere thanks to XXX Ken­nels, Ruff Life Kennels, CML, Papo, TM CM KENNELS, The Chosen Few, Bigworm, and STN for all the help and being true. All I can say is thank you. They know who they are. Also want to take this time to thank a liv­ing legend in the game SCK Tony for being a 1st class guy. Believe me; I look up to this guy and his kennel. Ch. SCK Nico 4xw-1xl ROM, SCK Awesome Baby ROM, Gr. Ch. SCK Yellowbuck 6xw POR, Ch. SCK Miss Nico, Ch. SCK Jesse James Rod 4xW, SCK Blondie POR, and the list goes on. I’d be happy to accomplish half of what he has. Even so he does know that I am out for his records. Tony even told me that I remind him of his self back in the day. Pretty good complement, I have to set the bar high.

Thank you all that supported me and thanks to the haters that got my name tattooed on their tongues, because Freedomborn is coming hard. The home of Ch. Black Dream, Ch. Max and y’all know the others.

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