It’s time to set the record straight and clean up anything and everything around the greatest dog that ever crossed the Pit, history “from the womb to the tomb”
The main Character of this story is CH Silver, the true legend from Serbia, his name should be written in the “hall of fame” right beside other great dogs such as: Dibo, CH Jeep R.O.M, CH Homer R.O.M CH Honeybunch R.O.M CH Chinaman R.O.M Bullyson and others, but as close as possible to Double GR CH Tornado. His owner Pera King from Golden king kennels also deserves by his results that his name standing proud right beside other great dogmen such as Earl Tudor, Mourice Carver, Don Mayfield, Andre Giroux, etc. But lets go right to the beginning when CH Silver arrived into Pera King’s yard.. GR CH King was part of Pera’s family, he lived with them in thier apartment and when Pera travelled for business king was usually following him wherever. Pera loved that dog to the core and achieved great results with him. King was matched 8 times and was considered by most dogmen to be a top dog. Pera made a big mistake when he brought him out for his last time when he was almost 9 years old. GR CH King was not properly peaked out, old… and he lost his title very Game into Atila kennels GR CH Dendy, King died on his way home.

But to go back to Silver, while GR CH King was alive pera wanted to breed him to the best females around and as pera liked B. Sorrells bred dogs very much he decided to take a Bitch from that bloodline, he bought a 7 month old pure Sorrells female from croatia, from Loren kennels. She was very hot and a few weeks after even if just a puppy Pera rolled her to see that she was really good. Pera named her Vidra and decided to buy a few more dogs from Loren kennels, he purchased 3 belly brothers and 2 belly sisters of Vidra, One of the males was named Silver. That litter was whelped on 14th June 1998 it was a large litter of 12 pups, the sire was a pure sorrells dog from Germany, called Lone star, the dam of the litter was Zivkovic’s Nera aka Loren’s Sherry, a pure Sorells bred bitch.

Quite soon Silver showed to have great potential, he was getting better and better after each roll, showing to be smart as any dog should be, a dog that had the ability to stay out of trouble never taking any serious beating. Pera liked him and rolled him more and more, so Silver had 12 rolls before his 1st contracted Match. It looked obvious that Silver was an Ace caliber dog, born to be a winner, a once in a lifetime dog. Years ago an old timer said: “you need lots of hard work to make a champion” but pera thought that a true Champion is just born that way, an Ace dog likes to win no matter who conditions him. Pera understood that Silver was damn Game and had attitude, wind and power and since his pet CH King was dead and there was a room in his apartment, Silver moved there to be part of pera’s family, to live with them 24 hours a day.
Silver is a very friendly dog and that year (1999) also pera’s daughter Angela was born, she spent with her pet Silver all her life until today.

Pera King is known to always go into top competion and like big bets, so he called Alen from Montenegro kennels and challenged his GR CH Jocker the best dog pera could find at Silver’s weight. Jocker beat pera before and pera knew it was time for payback, he said that his Silver was only 20 months old and Alan thought it would be an easy one for his Grand Champion. Contest was hooked up that day, Jocker was dog of the year 1998 in Gameness magazine and these are his victories:

Won over Djindja’s GR CH Jeep 6xw in 0:13
Won over Bagdala boys CH Lucky 4xw in 0:49
Won over Golden King’s (Ch) Krokodil in 1:10
Won over Novica’s Demon in 0:27
Won over Ganac’s Gipsy 1xw in 0:45

GR CH Jocker won 5 in the fast lane and was known to be a hard mothed dog with a tremendous back end finish. Nobody gave any chance to Silver against the famous Jocker dog, but they did’nt know how far they were from the truth. Pera and Silver travelled to GR CH Jocker’s town, bet was high on each side, over 200 people to witness Jocker and Silver Match. The show went on and Silver was on Jockers head dancing with long deep holds, Silver managed to out-manouver every Jocker’s attempt to make his way. At 40 min mark Silver Started working on a tired and frustrated Jocker, hitting hard into the shoulders and legs. At 1 hour and 7 mins it was all over, Silver was smarter, faster, and stronger and it was obvious that the Game Jocker could’nt win, so Alen picked him up at 1 hour and 10 min. Of course as always many rumers got Started among “true dogmen”, they said that “Jocker was not in good shape” or “Silver was just lucky”..
But what matters is that Pera had Silver open for anybody again he wanted to show him again, not talk about him. Silver was open for a long time until Lazica challenged Pera with his Carlos dog. Lazica had the same ambitions for Carlos as Pera had for Silver, to make them famous. Unfortunately for Silver he got a cold a few days before the Match and Pera thought it was nothing serious. That time Pera was far from the truth, Silver lost that Match, Pera picked him up at 1 hour and 24 mins in very bad shape, anyway Silver completed a Game courtesy scratch. Pera and his vet spent the whole night saving Silver’s life and finally in the morning he pulled through. Pera knew he had got it wrong and he learnt from that loss. Of course the same dogmen now saying that Silver beat Jocker by pure luck since he lost. For his next Lazica matched Carlos into the “killing machine” CH Black Mup who was a 4xw at that time. Black Mup silenced 3 of his 4 previous opponents, only Buffy 2xw from Hungary survived, the same Buffy later became a Champion. To go on, this brutal killer Black Mup silenced Carlos in half an hour and won his GR CH title and was voted “dog of the year 1999” by Gameness magazine
His accomplishments are:

Won over Seki & Ljuban’s Tito in 0:28 (r.i.p)
Won over Palir’s Zoraja in 0:10 (r.i.p)
Won over Roland’s Buffy 2xw in 0:30
Won over Atila kennels Pepito in 0:27 (r.i.p)
Won over Lazica’s Carlos 1xw in 0:38 (r.i.p)

Everybody who knew Pera enough could imagine that he would have gone into GR CH Black Mup… and he did it, the contest was hooked up. Once again Silver was forecast the loser by most against that black beast. I believe that this was one of the most crowded matches ever, 300 – 400 spectators came from all over Europe to see the show. Bets were called out between spectators, mostly on Black Mup, some people offered 2:1 and 3:1 odds against Silver, 99% of people believed there was no chance to beat a dog as good as GR CH Black Mup! And the contest was on…… Silver’s toughest. Both came out hard but Silver soon took it over by head holds keeping Black Mup away from him, Black Mup was persistently chasing for the Chest but Silver did not allow anything, after a while Silver slowed down a bit and finally Black Mup could get a chance to put some pressure on him. Silver took it all and did a strong comeback to go on ruling as before. After 1 hour Black Mup was down and around 1 hour and a half it was his Turn to Scratch, his head was swollen and as big as a basketball, his eyes closed but he scratched back! It’s apity he went one meter left from Silver and he did’nt get a hold within the count time. His Handler decided to try Black Mup once more right after that and he scratched into Silver! Black Mup lost his GR CH title but was open again after that one with no takers. Finally Silver got the credit he deserved after he beat the second Grand Champion in his career, everybody realised that Silver was a great Match dog.

After that sensationel win Pera decided to rest Silver for a long time before his next contest, most were frightened to meet him, only true dogfighters who lived for big challenges wanted to go into Silver. Next call Pera got was from Zinetti from Croatia who wanted to see his Mr Redbull 1xw against Silver. Mr Redbull had a high reputation after he beat the killing machine Atila kennels Altar in 1 hour 10 min. Later on Altar won B.I.S title on a 5 card convention. Zinetti knew if he won he had won alot, if he lost it had not been a shame to lose against a famous dog as Silver was. Match was contracted for big money, unfortunately for Silver 2 weeks before the contest Zinetti called Pera and said that his dog had an accident and was badly injured, forfeit was paid and Match was off. Some time after at Zelenovic show in Bijeljina Pera met Gladiator kennels from czech republic and they challenged Silver with their CH Bony. Pera accepted and the contract was done. Peter from Gladiator kennels thought CH Bony with his head style and hard mouth would have been an uneasy oppenent for Silver. Editor of Yu Arena magazine named CH Bony to be Mohammed Ali because of the same defensive style. On the show day CH Bony came in 250 grams (1/2 lbs) over the agreed weight and Pera took the forfiet. Anyway Match was on, also this one was a heavy crowded contest, lots of spectators arrived again to see Silver in action.

Silver acted the same as a computer, a robot, he got the better of it right away never allowing Bony to make his way. Silver rode Bony by the head for about 55 min when CH Bony stood the line in his corner. Silver completed his courtesy for his championship title. CH Silver beat two Grand champions and one Champion on his way, there are only a few dog in the world with results like these. After that Pera decided it was time for Silver’s retirement, there were a few reasons to do that:

1. His unique achievement in the arena
2. He was 5 years old
3. Most important, CH Silver was producing good

The litter Silver sired out of Pera’s Tornado produced 4 Match dogs. Silver jr lost toZiks 1xw but everyone that saw him could appreciate that Silver jr was a Dead Game specimen. Nikita won in great fashion over Djurika from Hungary, Gary and Karmen won over Andrej from Slovakia. After some months spent in the luxury of retirement Pera wished to Match CH Silver again because in Montenegro there was a new Grand Champion at Silver’s weight and dogmen talked alot about him.. It was GR CH Sheyn.

GR CH Sheyn’s results:
Won over K&G’s Pancho in 1:25
Won over Knezevic’s Vasja in 2:00
Won over Kocani & Bedem kennels Jocko 2xw in 2:37
Won over Ercegovic’s Sarko in 0:57
Won over Francuz’s Zip 2xw in 2:04

GR CH Sheyn was a dog blessed with the same style as CH Silver, plus he showed to be a deep Game dog in his long matches. Pera and Floyd contracted the Match for february 2004, but CH Silver got sick and Pera paid the forfeit. As soon as CH Silver was totally healed up a new date for the contest was set, 30 October 2004. Both handlers were nervous, only one would have been the winner and remembered as a winner. As in all his matches very soon CH Silver took the lead by his known style and strengh, GR CH Sheyn did’nt get any chance and at 1 hour and 02 min Floyd picked him up. Sheyn proved that his Gameness was as big as any believed. CH Silver won over the third Grand Champion he met in his career!
What else is there to say about CH Silver ? He beat 3 GR CH and 1 CH, i dont think there is any other dog in the world with same quality of record. CH Silver is the best of the best ! Most breeders dream to have a dog with achievements as CH Silver has. Finally now at 6 years of age CH Silver is retired to the love hotel.