Taken years ago, by Dawnrest.

Who was your first dog?

I was given my first dog by an old dogman named Jim Searcy. Jim was from Chattanooga, TN.. The first dog I got was “SMOKEY” from A. D. Braswell. He use to pull my three children on a wooden sled with cement blocks. I built the sled for him.

How long have you been interested in these dogs?

I’ve been in the dogs way over 40 years.

When and where was your son Jerry Jr. born, and how many children do you have?

He was born July 20, 1959 in Andrews Tx., 4 boys and 1 girl, 4 steps, 1 boy and 3 girls.

What dogmen have you known and stand out from the rest?

Jim Searcy, I got to know H. A. Smale from Ohio, Tom Sitzes, Pat Sitzes, Ed Crenshaw, A.D. Braswell from Andrews, Texas, where “SMOKEY” came from. He won four against Ed Crenshaw; Howard Teal, Bill Cotton, John Cotten, Jim Taylor, Maurice Carver, Pete Sparks, Floyd Boudreaux, Earl Skinner, Jerry Coats, Howard Heinzl.

Who was your all time favorite dog?

My old “DEAN” bitch, sister to Boudreaux “BLIND BILLY”, double bred “DIBO” by Tudor’s “DIBO”. Don Maloney and Don Mayfield had dogs down from “DIBO”. Don Maloney told me to go get “DEAN” from Earl Skinner.

What type of conditioning have you done with the dogs?

In the old days it was road work and in fields. Now I build, use and sell treadmills for $1500., carpet mills for $300. with the same keep I use included.

Can you recall any rolls or matches you have seen?

Once at a convention I told a bunch of n—–s that my dog would whoop any n—–s dog and I would whoop any n—–. I then beat five n—–s. Won 3 to 5 money rolls with ages 1 1/2 to 2* years against acquaintances of Ed Crenshaw and myself, friends out of New Mexico in a ball field across the street. Also whooped Jr. Bush with “SMOKEY” and with “GATOR”. Also a dog named “ROSE” who I called “SCREAMING MAMA”. Jim Taylor brothers out of Mississippi, George Saddler. “SCREAMING MAMA” beat “STOSH”, a Corvino bred dog raised by John Cotten.

Did you along with Boudreaux and Hornsby own Boudreaux’ “PRISSY”?

Yes, I bred her with Floyd knowing, to get “PRISSY II”. “PRISSY” was really Boudreaux’ “SPOOK” and Floyd called her “SISSY”. She was older and he didn’t want anyone to know I really had “SPOOK”, I called her “PRISSY”. Lester told me “POISON EYE” is a winner of many.

I’ve talked to a few men and registrys who have either known the dogs in “PRISSY’s” pedigree or have researched the pedigree and they swear up and down it’s right the way it is?

I’m just telling you, it’s “SPOOK”, “SISSY”.

What can you tell me about the Boudreaux bred, Holloway’s “BUD”?

I didn’t really like “BUD” he screamed while fighting. He was a mouth dog and a good dog. He won many and was undefeated for me.

When and where were you born and did you fight pro.?

Oct. 5th, 1933, born and raised in Tennessee, fought in Florida 5 years, batam weight.

Who do you believe keeps some of the better game dogs in the country now?

Dogs from Florida, “OILER” dogs, they say their as game a dog living, Mountain Man has some of the gamest dogs living, “HOMER” is undefeated in about 7 matches, dogs from Boudreaux, George Long with the “RED BOY” blood.

Did you know Leo Kinard?

I use to hang out with Leo at Leo’s house just like it was my daddy’s. Leo gave me a dog called “TILLY”, went in against a red bitch and won in 3 to 4 minutes.

I see you as handler, referee, etc. in “Your Friend and Mine” by Pete Sparks long ago, am I right?

Yes, that was me.

What do you like most about the dogs?

I like a game dog.

Have you known anyone with gamecocks?

Oh ya, I know someone with Blue Greys (Pyles), he won 500 to 600 matches in a season. To pick the best he tests with muffs. He fights with blades. Jake Sperling, he’s a bootlegger.

What type of medical have you done on your dogs?

I do all my medical, stitching, worming, shots, IV’s, shots in the heart to save a downed dog.

What is the average number of dogs you’ve kept on your yard over the years?

Hardly ever over ten, once in a while twelve to fifteen with pups.

If you could wish one thing for these dogs, what would it be?

I’d like to see it carried on by men that believe in a dog and not just winning.

What other animals have you and your family owned?

We never owned nothing but Pits, said Jerry Jr.. We never owned anything else, said Jerry.

What do you feed your dogs?

Cheap food, 17%, if you feed high protein they’ll be eating their stool, 26-30% when conditioning.

What incident from the past stands out with the dogs?

John Cotten couldn’t believe it, but I went in against Jr. Bush 2-3 to 1, 4 to 6 pounds light, went up hill to beat Jr. with “GATOR” in 1 hour and 12 minutes.

What ways do you test gameness?

I can’t find out how game they are, most of my dogs bite so hard right off the chain. I don’t like to roll a dog to death. The more you roll one the more likely he is to quit in the pit.

Do you prefer chains, cables or cages?

Chains, and cages for brood females or pups, said Jerry Jr..

How much do you plan on being involved in the dogs in the future?

I’ve pretty much gone as far as I can, the bitches I have in my yard are about the best there is. I will continue with the dogs.

Thanks for the interview and for “Jerry’s keep” which will not be included with this interview.